mt. sinai

  1. A

    FlexMed - Interview process?

    Hi, I applied to FlexMed this cycle and I was just curious what the interview process is like? Specifically, with rolling interview invites, does anyone know how they decide which interview invites to send first/if the order you receive an invite (i.e. an early invite or a later invite)...
  2. MedSmithie

    In the Area Notification Etiquette- How far should you be, and should you mention which school?

    Hello all, I have received an II in the NYC area for September, and I am a bit confused by the conflicting advice on the internet regarding In the Area emails/calls. I go to school about 5 hours from NYC, and the train is expensive. I know that this is nothing compared to students who have to...
  3. J

    MD, DO chances?

    503 MCAT score, breakdown of 124/128/125/126 for chem/phys,CARS,bio,psych. 3.7 GPA Latina/LGBTQ Extensive research experience at a top institution (MSKCC 2+ years) leading 3 research projects (full time lab tech 40+ hours a week with one medical fellow under me) . 200+ hours teaching...
  4. Drangue

    Mt. Sinai in Chicago - Anesthesia

    I am interested in doing a rotation at Mt. Sinai and was curious if anyone had any input on the hospital there and specifically the anethesia rotation. How is the hospital and for those who know anything about the anesthesia clerkship how is that?
  5. 0

    Honest Question about Mt. Sinai Early Assurance Program

    UPDATE: Thanks for everyone's help so far. I can't express my appreciation of how thorough and prompt people's replies have been. I was able to obtain the match lists for Sinai, and it seems they do place decently into pretty much everything. There is definitely a heavy coastal bias to the...
  6. A

    Mt Sinai staff pharmacist shifts

    Does anyone know if any Mt. Sinai hospitals in NYC schedule 10-hour staff pharmacist shifts (day, evening or graveyard) as opposed to the standard 8-hour shift?
  7. C

    Mt. Sinai MSBS Program

    I just got accepted into the MSBS program at Mt. Sinai and I was planning on accepting the offer. I was wondering if anyone knew any information about how much this will help my med school chances, their linkage programs, and/or any other pertinent information because I've been having trouble...