1. S


    Hi all, I am an international dentist trying to apply to multiple programs through CAAPID. I have few questions about the SOP. I understand that I need to write a generic SOP that will go under the Supporting Documents which is visible to all programs that I have added. Let’s say, I submit my...
  2. S

    Need Help Deciding If I Should Re-write a Decent/Strong MCAT Score for US and Canadian schools

    Hi all, I'm a 3rd year Canadian undergrad student with an MCAT score of 131/127/131/128 (517 total). My GPA is ~3.98, I have strong non-clinical ECs and clinical research experience, but very little 'patient exposure' ECs (shadowing, volunteering in a clinical setting, etc.- will definitely...
  3. W

    Class of 2021: Holding multiple seats.

    I started this thread to discuss those who hold multiple seats before committing to one school. If you can post what schools you are holding a seat and reason. In addition if you are interviewing soon at a school you would drop your current acceptance to, please share. PLEASE do not be specific...
  4. M

    Take the DAT Multiple times?

    Hey guys, First time posting. Currently, I am a junior in my undergraduate and am applying to dental school in the summer of 2017. Couple questions: What are your guys thoughts on taking the DAT twice, if necessary, before applying? I know you need a 90 day gap between tests, so I am trying to...
  5. M

    Impact of multiple failed pre-clerkships

    I've struggled greatly over the last year of medical school, and am now in my second year. Every other quarter, I have had a failing grade, and this first one of this year I had multiple. I have successfully remediated each time, however, and have not had to repeat a year. I know some schools...
  6. T

    All the hate on multiple majors?

    Preface: I hereby declare that multiple majors do not in any measurable way increase your chances of getting into medical school or the MD/PhD program. Do not crucify me. However, one of the biggest slights against modern education is the notion that majoring in more than one thing, or even...
  7. PatNanym

    Probability of matching with multiple specialties on Rank Order List?

    Hi. I just wanted to how ranking multiple specialties would affect my probability of matching. For example, if I have 7 IM programs, 3 Peds programs and 1 Psych program on my rank order list, will it decrease my chance of matching at any of these places as opposed to having 10 IM programs on my...