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    What are my chances?

    Hey, I am a Canadian and want to apply to US dental school in the upcoming cycle. My cGPA is 3.87 and DAT is 20 AA, BIO 17, CHEM 25, RC 18, PAT 18. I took DAT in Nov 2018 in Canada. Many people who took in Nov 2018 had issues with the scores. I have a lot of volunteer hours at the hospital...
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    MD 513 MCAT and 3.85 GPA, help with finalizing list?

    Hi, I would appreciate any input on my list of schools. I currently have 30 schools and am trying to shorten it to 25. I am applying this cycle, and therefore will be taking a gap year. Stats: MCAT: 513 GPA: 3.85 for cumulative and around the same, maybe a few 0.01's lower, for...
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    Just making sure I'm not crazy for trying!

    I am a very non traditional student, have an associates in digital photography from 12 years ago and used to be a pastry chef). I got my associate degree with a 2.15 gpa and took some community college classes for fun when I had nothing else to do because I was having lots of oral surgeries(two...
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    How are my chances getting into NYU

    Guys please help what’s your opinion considering an international applicant has/is Female, 21 yo 1. GPA of 3.4 (low), electrical engineering from highest ranked uni in the country 2. 526 MCAT score 3. Extra: she’s a founder of a startup tech company (an application highly known in the...
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    3.97c, 3.95s GPA, 507 MCAT School List?

    My MCAT isn't solid but I'm trying to aim for a top tier medical school. I'm trying to stay on the Eastern side of the U.S to stay close to family. Any thoughts about which schools would be a good choice? Major: Psychology concentrating in behavioral neuroscience Minor: Neuroscience Some...
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    Dark horse - advice needed

    Hi everyone, so I wanted to give some updates on my tentative application and ask for 'last-minute' insight/advice. (This is what my application is set to look like at the time of application) MAIN Questions: Would volunteering at a women's center be considered clinical or non-clinical...
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    3.57 cumulative gpa 4.0 Post bac 515 mcat

    Hi i'm applying for the first time and I live in New Jersey. I know I'll be applying to all of the NJ schools and the ones in Pennsylvania and New York that have a high rate of acceptance for out of staters. Should I apply to any other schools? Also when should I submit my primary at the latest...