1. L

    NAPLEX, ATT, residency start date! URGENT

    Urgent question here! I am applying to PGY1 residency programs in the US, however I do not live in the US. I live in Lebanon and did my pharmD there. I am American hence applying to the programs that start in July. The problem is that my school of pharmacy graduation is on July 19 unlike the US...
  2. P


    Hello SDNers I have been using SDN for the longest time since pre-pharmacy (7 years ago) I wanted to give advice to anyone that will be taking the NAPLEX. Honestly, everyone says this and I AM going to say this again, you cannot be as prepared no matter how much you studied. I used RXprep...
  3. P

    Taking NAPLEX early – Special Circumstance?

    Hey guys, I’m graduating in 2019…along with 14,000+ PharmDs and I’m trying to graduate before them by precisely 4-5 months. Most schools finish their APPE rotations and graduate in May/June. I scheduled my APPE rotations so that I finish in January 2019. No brainer here, I’m looking to take my...
  4. P

    Michigan Pharmacist Licensing- Boards Eligibility Timeline

    Does anybody know how long it usually takes for the MI state board to process your pharmacist application and verify your eligibility to sit for the boards? I submitted my application a long time ago, yet it still says "eligibility requested" on the NABP website. According to the MI health...
  5. A

    For Sale RxPrep 3500+ Naplex Test Bank

    Selling access to RxPrep test bank. Still has around 35 days left on. Selling for $75. Please message me if interested.
  6. L

    Waiting on ATT

    I saw on my NABP page last week that I was Granted Authorization to test, but I still haven't received my ATT. Anyone know how long this may take? I'm getting antsy over here and ready to take my boards!
  7. A

    Just me or does NAPLEX still seem adaptive?

    Hello everyone, I realize the exam is a "linear " format now, but let us put that fact aside for a moment. While taking it, I kept thinking that something about it still seemed adaptive in nature. Does anyone else agree? For example, I noticed some questions (that I probably messed up on)...
  8. K

    NAPLEX: results by mail , Registration closed, NULL Q&As

    Hello, So I'm writing this to try and help those of us whom are members of masochistic states like my own - by this I mean, they send your scores by mail. First, if your online account before/during/soon after taking NAPLEX said "ATT Generated" with options in the furthermost column being...
  9. B

    Failed MPJE :( Waiver form to speed up ATT??

    Hi all, I recently started my residency here and just found out that I failed the MPJE by 2 points :'( I know that it usually takes a month for the new ATT to generate, but my residency director was telling me about how the state board can sometimes waive the processing time (of course not the...
  10. S

    pre-NAPLEX: select all that apply??

    Hi, Does NABP's Pre-NAPLEX have any select all that apply questions? I recently took it, and didn't have any.... However, I did have many biostats and calculations questions, which I think I did very well on. I was just curious to see if other people experienced similar situations when they...
  11. doe_eyed

    What is current 180 question 2016 NAPLEX like?

    Hi, So I'm very confused over the current state of the NAPLEX. I think it's great news that the exam won't officially be changing to the longer 240 question version until later this year. However, that still leaves me wondering what exactly the test is like now? I will be taking the NAPLEX...
  12. doe_eyed

    250 NAPLEX not going into effect until LATE 2016!! MPJE changing APRIl

    Hi everyone, So I wanted to double check what @d_amphetamine just confirmed...AND IT'S TRUE!!! See my attached NABP chat/conversation. 250 length NAPLEX not going into effect until LATE 2016! The MPJE is still changing "2nd quarter of 2016." This is April, apparently.