naplex 2017

  1. A

    RxPrep 2017

    RxPrep 2017 edition with no markings $100
  2. B

    Arizona Naplex results wait!!!!

    Hello, I took my exam Monday oct 31 2017 and have not received my results yet. Arizona has one of the quickest turnarounds in posting results online on nabp. Any experience with long wait??? Passed / failed? I emailed them on Friday and got the “wait 7 biz days” email.
  3. G

    SDN calculations NAPLEX

    Hi everyone, I am practicing the very popular 120 SDN calculations, some of the answers/solutions provided seem not to be accurate to me. I was wondering if other students out there wanna discus or even post their own solutions. Any feedback is welcome! Problem 12: How many ml of the Dextrose...
  4. sticks_758

    I passed the NAPLEX the 2nd time 2017

    Ok so this is going to be slightly long but hopefully it will help others... So I was a pretty great student in pharmacy school, but I was also the student that would study about 3 days before and do fine. I did the unthinkable: I failed the NAPLEX. It was the worst feeling I have honestly ever...
  5. K

    Taken Naplex 4 times =(

    I've taken the Naplex 4 time and have made in the 70s each time (even a 74 once). Has anyone ever had to take it 5 times? I'm in the process of studying for my 5th time as we speak. Any tips?? Has anyone ever had to take it more than 5 times? What is the policy for the 6th time? Is a 6th time...
  6. R

    LOOKING FOR Current RxPrep 2018 Online Course Access!!

    Hello! Wanting to buy the RxPrep Online Course videos and test bank. TIA!
  7. I

    Selling Dr. Cutie NAPLEX and MPJE 2017

    Selling Dr. Cuties NAPLEX and MPJE packets Please PM if interested
  8. C

    August 2017 NAPLEX Experience

    Hi everyone, I took the NAPLEX and found out I passed on my first attempt a couple of days ago!!!! First, thank you to everyone who posted about their experiences. I was really nervous about the exam and reading everyone else's experiences about the NAPLEX helped me to prepare and calm down. I...
  9. M

    Free NAPLEX questions

    Hey Guys, Just sharing a nice website I found to prepare to NAPLEX exam, thought it might be useful: naplex Practice Exam and Questions | certMD test prep Michelle
  10. Expired Pharmacist

    Best Antibiotic lecture :: Naplex 2017

    Good Morning I am studying for the Naplex, I paid for the full Rxprep course, I found that the lectures on antibiotic is not really good, I kept looking on youtube, until I found this lecture, really easy to understand and remember. Feel free to post the videos that you find useful for the...
  11. pharmacy1187

    Anyone taking NAPLEX in oregon because app is easier?

    Hi I'm from California but thinking about going oregon to take my naplex since they have a 45 day waiting period plus the application "seems" easier than other states. Wanted to get feedback if my research is correct.
  12. J

    NAPLEX and Colorado MPJE

    Hey all! Passed the NAPLEX and MPJE-Colorado first time around. Email me if you want advice [email protected]
  13. V

    Hope for people who didn't finish the NAPLEX

    I just wanted to put up a quick post on here to provide some encouragement to people who read (what seems like) every thread on this website after taking the NAPLEX and being convinced you failed. I didn't finish 13 questions on the NAPLEX and I was DEVASTATED. I was 100% convinced that I didn't...
  14. L

    My Naplex Experience 2017

    Hey everybody! I passed the NAPLEX with a 104!! Since I used the studentdoctor forums to help with my anxiety and help with my studying, I believe I must pay their help forward. I will NOT be sharing: specific topics or questions from the exam, and my materials will not be available for sale...
  15. I

    RXPrep Naplex online course 2017 for sale..

    I bought the Rxprep online 6 month course, 2017 version, in February and used the material for 2 months and took the exam. I passed the exam with 90 percentile. It is a very useful course. I highly recommend it . It has video lectures and 100's of test bank questions on every topic. It is a...
  16. J

    My NAPLEX May 2017 Experience

    Hello everyone, I took the NAPLEX this month and just found out the results today - I passed! I wanted to post my thoughts on it in hopes of helping anyone else who is frantically reading SDN posts to make themselves feel better about the exam. I did that too and now that I passed I really...