1. T

    Negotiation regarding PSLF

    Hi everyone. I am a CAP fellow currently interviewing with state hospitals. I plan to do PP on the side. The state hospitals pay around 335k with fairly good work life balance. Benefits are amazing. They also have PSLF but I gratefully do not have loan burden. I am wondering if It is possible to...
  2. dillonkor

    Hospital asking me to sign an amendment based on 2022 CMS physician fee schedule...help?

    I need your collective wisdom about how to respond to my HOPD employer decreasing wRVU based on the proposed 2022 CMS physician fee schedule which was announced back in July. In short, midwest, HOPD of a large system, wRVU at 25 percentile with target wRVU of 8000 before generating bonus. Not...
  3. A

    Average Grants and Scholarships Offered by Texas Medical Schools - Advice for A Pre-Med

    Hello everyone. This is a Texas Pre-Med here. While researching Medicine and Medical schools, I have been focusing, nowadays, on the grants and all the different types of aid I can receive if (Hopefully) I get accepted to a Medical school/various Medical schools. So, can you guys guide me on...
  4. procrastin8r

    PhD/PsyD Negotiating Postdoc Salary

    Greetings! Does anyone have any advice on the etiquette of negotiating for a higher post doc salary? I am thinking: unofficial, clinically-focused post docs. That said, I would appreciate input on other types of post docs (official, research-focused, etc.). This seems to be a gap in my program's...
  5. O

    Negotiating Scholarships

    Is this still a thing? I interviewed at BU and after hearing I was accepted to Tufts they pulled me aside at the end of the interview day and sat me in the Dean's office, who very kindly (and poetically actually) told me he wanted me at BU and he would be giving me a 20k per year scholarship. I...
  6. P

    Negotiating Base Salary

    Interested to hear how much, if any, people were able to add to their initial offer. Obviously easier to do so with experience. My experience (1st job): - Most groups flat out said it was non-negotiable. - Few said there was a "little wiggle room", whatever that means. - 1 was willing to...
  7. CompHealth

    Negotiating Your Job Offers

    One of the most common mistakes young physicians make when taking a job is accepting whatever is offered. Once you’re out of school and reviewing a job offer and contract, keep in mind that all terms—not just compensation—can be negotiated. Read more at bit.ly/firstcontract. What terms do you...
  8. U

    Update on University of Washington Resident Contract Negotiations

    As representatives of Residents and Fellows at the University of Washington, we wanted to provide some clarification regarding the ongoing negotiation process between Residents and the University. We have received many questions from applicants and created this informational post to let you...
  9. rlin656

    Questions for current/past Walmart Pharmacist (2015)

    Hi, I am currently a P3 student and also currently interning at a Walmart pharmacy. I would like to work for Walmart in the future, but would really like to know certain things about what Walmart offers pharmacist compared to others. Amount of years currently worked at Walmart...