new medical school

  1. DoctorDean

    Hello SDN! Starting a new med school and want to hear your opinions!

    Getting out of the gate on our new school and making lots of plans and designing our curriculum, building, support structures, etc. I'd really love to have input from aspirational MD/DO students and residents about what you would love in a new school that would make it more attractive to you and...
  2. H

    Relatively new medical schools (Hofstra, Wmed)?

    Hi, What is the general consensus on relatively new medical schools like Western mi and Hofstra? They are able to attract very high stats applicants for some reason despite being not established. It seems that Hofstra is considered a middle tier school with a great hospital system. But what is...
  3. B

    Thoughts on Western Michigan Medical School?

    Hi, I am currently debating between Western Michigan's medical school or Geisinger's medical school. I really liked WMU's tour and could see myself be happy at the school. However, it is still relatively new and I am not confident that it can provide me with all the tools that I need. What are...
  4. S

    Sophie Davis 7 yr BS/MD vs NYU, BostonU, or Bing

    I am a concerned parent and would really appreciate some input!My daughter is deciding on the best route for pre-med, with hope of orthopedics specialty. She is leaning toward the Sophie Davis 7 yr BS/MD program, and I am nervous that she will be undermining her ability to get good orthopedics...
  5. B

    Admissions statistics for Seton Hall University Hackensack Meridian Health School of Medicine

    In doing some research on schools i noticed that seton hall is a new school that has opened up in new jersey. they are going to be accepting students for the 2019 application cycle soon. There is no data on the MSAR on students statistics for the 2018 applicants as they havent started their...
  6. LutGholein

    MD & DO College of Henricopolis School of Medicine now non-profit

    "The for-profit school was dissolved and the shares of stock owned by investors of the holding company were purchased by ICSM" (source: Martinsville medical school changes plan) Looks like the martinsville medical school struggled to obtain necessary funding for the initial for-profit school...