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  1. S

    Any American pharmacists who have moved to New Zealand

    I think I'm done with the USA. The dysfunctional way in which we completely botched covid was the last straw. I'm ready to move to New Zealand where pharmacists are paid a lot less but I'd be in a culture and society that has competent and effective leadership and a population who trust in...
  2. Spartacus.Free


  3. A

    Skype study partner for CS in the Aus/NZ time zone

    Hey! I am looking for a Skype study partner in the Aus/NZ time zone. I'm scheduled to take the CS test in December. Please inbox me if you're interested.
  4. N

    New Zeland application for international student

    Hi, I'm new to this forum and this will be my first time applying to dental schools. I am a Canadian citizen, born and live in Ontario, Canada, and will be applying to accredited dental school around the world. The Canadian dental association says that The Dental Council of New Zealand is...
  5. C

    Some general questions about pursuing medicine in NZ

    Hi there! I am a US citizen married to an NZ citizen who is currently doing his own PhD here in the US. I've been thinking about pursuing medicine for a while and have made some steps down that path: I finished my undergrad degree in philosophy in 2013, now work as a research assistant in a...
  6. L

    Benefits of working first in NZ before AU as IMG GP?

    My Finnish colleague worked 13 months first in New Zealand before going to Australia. I am thinking the reasons. I did not get an answer if he got any NZ GP time accepted on his GP specialization in Australia.
  7. doctorsdoctor

    Practicing Radiology in (EU,NZ, AUSTRALIA) after residency training in PH

    After finishing radiology training in the Philippines for 4 years I plan to go abroad (New Zealand/Australia/Europe/Dubai). So I have researched and my best chance of practicing medicine abroad is to train residency here in my home country Philippines, and later on take a fellowship program...
  8. D

    Is first choice international med school a bad idea?

    Hi everyone, I'm an American in my second year as an undergrad at a US institution. I'm not super worried about my chances at getting into a US med school as my gpa is so far solid and I (hopefully) expect to do well on the mcat next year. However, I've been looking at the possibility of doing...
  9. S

    AFK Feb 2016 New Zealand

    Hello. I have registered for the AFK Feb 2016 at Dunedin, New Zealand. Any idea when the NDEB sends out the exam centre venue?