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  1. K

    My OAT

    Hey guys, I took the OAT at the end of the summer, and I had kind of an odd experience with my test so I figured I'd tell about it in case it gives hope to anybody else! My stats: TS: 400 AA: 390 Bio, Gen Chem, OChem, RC: 400 QR: 390 Physics: 360 GPA: 3.91 I did well and I am happy with my...
  2. M

    Anyone who has an interview or had one HELP

    So, I am applying within the next week-two week and super nervous. My GPA isn't the best, and re-taking my OAT's in December, (but applying before I retake and just sending them over when finished). So I was wondering what everyone's GPA and OAT scores were that got an interview so I can compare...
  3. O

    Sending OAT Score reports/authorization

    I took the OAT in August, and I am slightly confused about sending my scores. When I signed up for the OAT, I selected to have my scores sent to all optometry schools in the United States. Now, I am working on the supplementary application for UAB and it is asking if I have "released my scores...
  4. H

    OAT Materials For Sale

    Hi everyone, I am selling the following OAT prep materials: Kaplan 2016 big blue book (bio, gen chem, orgo, physics, math, reading) Kaplan 2016 lesson book OAT destroyer 2016 (bio, gen chem, orgo, reading,) + 2016 physics destroyer LOTS of flashcards (both Kaplan and my own) All in good...
  5. E

    Wanted: OAT Study Accountability Partner :)

    Hello future optometrists, Is there anyone out there who would like a study partner/study accountability partner? I need someone to help keep me accountable and on track with my OAT studies, and I will do the same for you! I will encourage you, help you study, and trust me when I say I will...
  6. S

    Advice!! Low OATs, should I apply?

    Hi guys! So I just took the OAT's today, and I did horrible. I have a 3.41 GPA QR 340 RC 330 Bio 270 Chem 350 Orgo 260 Physics 270 TS 280 AA 300 I decided very late in the game to apply to optometry school, and I wanted to try to apply for SCCO for Fall 2016. Today was the last day for me to...
  7. PrettyOD

    For people who mostly used Chad's videos!

    Hey guys! Question, so I'm writing my OAT this week and was wondering how effective Chad's videos were to those of you who mostly used Chad's videos. If I watched them all, studied my notes often, took his quizzes, and also did problems off of online practice tests and used kaplan quizzes/tests...
  8. fitdoc123

    HELP!!! How to Explain low OAT section score on interview?????

    How do you explain low OAT SECTION score on interview? AA: 330 TS:340 BIO:370 ORGO:360 CHEM:320 PHYS:290 MATH:270 RC:340
  9. Gold Standard Multimedia

    Advertisement OAT Physics: OAT Review with Hundreds of Sample Questions and 1 Full-length OAT Practice Test!

    Interactive learning by the Gold Standard OAT Don't study hard, study efficiently! Gold Standard OAT Physics Review is not just a book. It is a multimedia learning tool that begins with advice as to how to get the best GPA for your application, explains how to prepare for the optometry...