1. N

    Official/unofficial DAT scores

    I'm a Canadian student who is applying to American dental schools. I wrote the Canadian DAT, which is written on paper, and the CDA manually sends out our official score reports to each university we apply to. AADSAS does not verify our test scores, so beside the standardized test section, it...
  2. Canavero

    Official DAT scores to AADSAS

    Sorry if this questions seems RADICAL, but I am struggling to find info. So when I applied to take the DAT I selected the "send to all schools" option (At least I think I did). I took my DAT on the 29th of May and since I have uploaded the unofficial scores into my AADSAS application. Here is my...
  3. DrSatan

    Official 2018 Rank Order Lists

    Hello everyone! It's been a long interview season. Hopefully most of you are done or at the finish line. As you probably know, rank lists entry begins TODAY. Rank lists are due in 38 days (February 21st @ 9pm EST). SOAP is in 57 days. And Match day is in 61 days (March 16th)!!! Please use...
  4. I

    General Admissions & OTCAS OTCAS Transcript Request Form and Verification

    Hello, I'm stressed out about my transcripts. I sent my official transcripts via overnight shipping on Friday, June 2, and e-mailed (and called) the registrar to add the transcript request form with my official transcripts. According to the tracking information, OTCAS received the transcript...
  5. owlsandturtles

    **Official August 2017 MCAT Thread**

    I haven't seen a thread for August yet so I thought I'd start one! How is everyone's study schedule looking?
  6. M

    DAT "Tested" status by no scores on AADSAS

    I took my DAT 7/19 (almost 3 weeks ago). On my ADEA account my DAT status is "tested" and "posted" and under Score Report Requests it says "There are no data records to display." When I click on "Display" under Details it says that my Processed Date was 8/10/16 (a week ago). But when I go into...
  7. T

    USMLE USMLE - Official 2016 Step 2 CK Experiences and Scores Thread

    Hello everyone! With 2016 around the corner, I thought it would be a good time to start this thread and continue the 2015 thread into the new year! Similar threads from the past have been extremely helpful to me (and I'm sure) and many others. Good luck to everyone taking Step 2 CK in 2016!
  8. S

    Official Rejections c/o 2020

    ...Too soon? Maybe. Let's kick it off regardless! Just include your username, mode of rejection (e.g. email, snail mail, portal), and the date you received your rejection. UNITED STATES: Auburn University: University of California: Colorado State University: Cornell University...
  9. Thoroughbred_Med

    Wanted: AAMC MCAT Practice Exams or Question Packs

    wanting to buy from any post-test takers. You won't have any use for the rest of your attempts so sell them to me!!!