1. D

    Cash only OMT Clinic?

    Is having a cash only OMT clinic feasible? Do you think this would require a full FM/OMM residency and/or NMM/OMM fellowship? Or do you think you could do it after being licensed? (Licensed after 1-2 years of residency vs finishing board certification after 3-4 residency/fellowship). What other...
  2. B

    504 MCAT Helppp

  3. adrenocorticotropicana

    Rights to diversity of gender expression in OMM lab

    I’m sitting in on an OMM class + lab section at a local osteopathic medical school. I’ve fallen in love with OMT and I think it's extremely useful and would pick up a lot of physiological causes of seemingly nonspecific complaints that MDs usually dismiss — especially in women or other patient...
  4. sendoola

    Looking to buy OMG OMT subscription

    I wanted to ask if anyone has purchased an OMG OMT subscription who has finished using it and would be willing to allow me to pay for use of your subscription. I tried to register on their website and they are not accepting new subscribers. If so please message me and we can work out the...
  5. bones

    Osteopathic NMM Program Director- AMA

    For those genuinely interested in Osteopathy, its future, and its potential- I am here to answer questions. The art and science of osteopathy is in its infancy, but the future is bright. Due to merging of MD and DO residencies, the higher ACGME standards will now be present for all residency...
  6. joshmygosh

    How OMT-minded is your school?

    [This is my first post on SDN. Hi! I'm Josh!] I'm really wanting to go to a school that is heavily focused on osteopathic manipulation and philosophy. I did see another post about this from 2015 by Dohnut, but I'm looking for more specific data. If you're currently/previously a student at an...
  7. C

    Pre-med advice, non-trad

    Hello, don't get mad at me. I've searched the forums and had a few specific questions related to my path. I am just hardly beginning this process, I want to go to osteopathic school. I went to college before, dicked around for a year because i was a lemming and had no idea what to do. I then...
  8. T

    OMM/OMT Question Writer Needed

    If you are a DO who is passionate about teaching and want to join an enthusiastic team of physicians and supporting staff, you are a great fit. Our company is currently looking for OMM/OMT authors to create test preparation material for the Emergency Medicine and OMM COMAT exam. Experience in...
  9. A

    Advertisement Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine Review for the Boards (3rd ed, 2016)

    Dr. Crow just published the 3rd edition of his new OMM/COMLEX board review book. 1) Of other competitive books, this one is the only one written by NMM board certified doctors. They have been question writers for both COMLEX and COMSTAT. 2) The 2nd edition of books have been implemented in...
  10. D

    NMM/OMT Residency Information

    Hello all, I am thinking of applying to an NMM/OMT residency for 2017, but have some questions.... There are currently 8 NMM/OMT residencies, and as far as I can tell, they are all 2 years of NMM/OMT after a one year traditional internship. Are any of these programs combined, or do I have to...
  11. F

    Thoughts on OMM

    Hey everybody, I'm a MS1 at an osteopathic school with some thoughts on OMM that I wanted to share and get feedback on. I don't believe in it. I know that's not a super original opinion to have, but I'm wondering why nothing (at least nothing that I'm aware of) is ever really done to get rid of...