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  1. R

    Medical Oncology (without hematology)

    Completing a palliative care fellowship and matched to heme/onc fellowship that starts in July. I would be very happy to find a job (open to private practice or academic) as a medical oncologist or even split position palliative and medical oncology. That being said, I am considering medical...
  2. doctorstrangerthingz

    Whats is like being a hematologist/oncologist?

    Hi everyone, I'm an M1 and I've been giving a lot of consideration to heme/onc as a specialty (I know its still early to decide). Would anyone be willing to share what it is like to be a heme/onc doctor? Given the seriousness and life-threatening nature of the diseases encountered, do you...
  3. Sellersrobe

    Surgical Oncology

    Hi! I am currently researching the different options as an oncologist and the two that interest me most are radiology and surgical careers. There is a lot out there about the job market, salary, etc on radiology oncology, but I couldn't find anything specific about surgical oncology. Does anyone...
  4. C

    Masters to MD

    Hello everyone...! I am a Masters by research student doing cancer research. Is there anyway I can become an oncologist and still continue my research? If so what are the steps that I should be taking? Thank you.
  5. cancerous

    Oncologist Shadowing

    Hi, guys. I'm new to the forum. I've been searching online recently for opportunities to shadow an oncologist, and I was wondering if you guys knew my chances of working with one this summer, or if you could possibly redirect me to one that's available, or if you are one yourself and interested...