1. halmoni

    MD interested in ophtho

    I'm an M3 who recently got my step score back today (256) and was wondering what I should do from now on to prepare to apply to ophtho. I never seriously considered competitive specialties until now. I've worked on 3 research projects (no pubs, not ophtho) during my first two years and I'm not...
  2. YesIeyecanD

    Help- PGY1 interview without ERAS?

    Hey y'all :hello: So...Do you know how this ERAS thing works? If I match into a residency position somewhere (:xf:) but didn’t apply for a prelim year there through ERAS, can I still interview for a prelim year there? I have heard some rumors that this is the case but wanted to see if any of...
  3. L

    Ophthalmology residency and transitional/preliminary year application process

    Hello, I'm a med4 IMG student, and I wanted to learn more about the application process for residency in Ophthalmology. Based on what I read: 1) We need to apply for a transitional or preliminary PGY1 year via ERAS, and AT THE SAME TIME apply for an Ophthalmology residency for PGY2 via the SF...
  4. D

    Ophthalmology Match 2018-2019

    Getting closer to that time, figured I'd start this. Also started a new google sheet! (copy and paste but replace the two * with .) docs*google*com/spreadsheets/d/1DCcmc4cQ8cdb27AcDIA_IH6vHg-MYvRDPabmmuxEfi0/edit?usp=sharing For last years sheet...
  5. C

    Columbia Ophthalmology Residency / Edward S. Harkness Eye Institute

    Hey Ophtho applicants, Columbia residents here! Our program has undergone a number of substantive changes in the past few years, so we thought we’d reach out in the medium we remember using as med students ourselves. Major changes include an increase from 3 to 4 residents per year with the...
  6. J

    Standardized LOR for SF Match used for ERAS TY/Prelim applications?

    Hi guys, So I know this new Standardized letter is just a pilot this year but I have a question. My dean of student affairs pretty much told me to give my letter writers the option to writer either a traditional or standardized version for CAS. And I know most people use their ophtho letters for...
  7. S

    Advice about Ophthalmology Electives

    Hi Everyone, I have seen some threads in which people provide really specific advice about residency applications, interviews, etc. Since many students applying to the match this year will be starting their away and home program ophthalmology electives soon, I wanted to try to create an...
  8. S

    Confused About Specialty: ENT vs Ophtho

    I could really use some help from residents or other medical students who have faced this problem. I started med school in 2013 and overall did very well - Junior AOA, honors in most clerkships, high Step 1 and Step 2 scores. Throughout my 3rd year I flip-flopped between almost every specialty...
  9. D

    Residency Eye Exam?? Am I out of luck?

    I am super excited to be starting medical school in August and am strongly interested in pursuing a career in optho. However, I have been looking into the optho match process and have found that many residency programs require results from a recent eye exam. Given my limited knowledge, it seems...
  10. E

    Why you chose Obgyn despite stressful Lifestyle. Any regrets?

    I'm an MS3 strongly considering Obgyn -> The main things holding me back (and making me consider a different medicine/surgical specialty like Ophtho) is the relatively more stressful lifestyle and schedule in Obgyn. 1) Any advice or words of wisdom? 2) For upper year residents, fellows, and...
  11. E

    Choosing a Residency: Ophtho vs. Urology vs. Obgyn

    Any advice would be helpful. I'm an MS3, aiming for a specialty with medicine and procedures/minor surgeries. Important to me: Patient interactions and care Lifestyle (more-so in terms of work-life balance than $)
  12. E

    Choosing a Residency: Ophtho vs. Obgyn vs. Other

    Any help would be super appreciated. Have narrowed my choices down to Ophtho and Obgyn. Things I'm looking for: 1) Interesting subject material (I love neuro so for me: Optho > Obgyn) 2) Relationship with patient, "involved" patient interaction; using my skills in patient communication...
  13. E

    Help with Residency: Ophtho vs. Obgyn

    Any comments or advice would be great (Profile: I'm a male MS3, and want to stay in the U.S.) I'm more interested in the level of patient care in Obgyn I'm more interested in the subject material and work-life balance of Ophtho Things that I strongly value/are important to me: -Patient...
  14. B

    Thoughts on Away rotations?

    You guys have been awesome in answering my questions and as I am making my schedule a large one remains: Away rotations. I go to school in the east but I am from the Midwest. My goal is to eventually end up in Texas/California because I have friends/family there. I was originally thinking...
  15. O

    2016-2017 Osteopathic Ophthalmology Interview Dates

    A new thread for DO programs. Good luck everyone! LECOMT/St John's Episcopal Hospital Program (email 10/18): 11/30
  16. D

    What are my Chances?

    Hey guys, I was wondering if you could help me gauge my likelihood of matching this year School: Solid Top 10-15 Midwest school Step 1: 250 Grades: Not AOA, school doesn't rank. Honors in psyche, probably pediatrics and possibly OBGYN, high pass in medicine, surgery and family medicine. Deferred...