options on what i should do

  1. B

    Accept now, decline later? (Post-bac programs)

    I tried to find a thread similar to this, but I couldn't, so I will ask here: So, most post-bac programs I have applied to (total: 6) wont sent out interview invites until next year. However, I just completed an interview (let's call it school A) and will hear back in the next few weeks and...
  2. S

    What's my options?

  3. D

    MBA or Retrain?

    I am nearing the completion of my current residency. I had my doubts about the field overall, but ultimately decided to stick it out and finish. Needless to say, I am still concerned with the employment prospects which have been mediocre to poor even in unsaturated areas. I am not interested in...
  4. J

    Advice needed for failed post-bac

    Hello, I did a one year post-bac program and didn't do so well. I am on the verge of being terminated from the program because I did not even get a 3.0 . Before post-bac, I applied to dental schools with 3.4 GPA and 19 DAT. I got one interview, but didn't get in. I realize now, that I...
  5. G

    Is there any hope :(

    I'm not looking for an ego boost here because I'm genuinely distraught and confused rn and seeing if anyone believes that there is still hope for medical school. I took my MCAT in July 2017 and got a 502 (124/125/128/125) and decided to retake it. I studied for 4 and a half months and was...
  6. URMfemaleMPH

    Gap year after master's

  7. dentaldiva27

    Desperately need help narrowing down my list of schools

    Hi everyone, I am having a hard time choosing which schools would be best for me to apply to and eliminating some of my options. Residency: Pennsylvania GPA: 3.54 from University of Virginia I am taking the DAT on July 20th so I don't have my scores for that yet. I have ~500 hours of...
  8. S

    Stay or Leave?

    Hey everyone, So usually I don’t do this but I’m in dire need of help and thought I would turn to you all for advice. This is a little long so bear with me. I’m currently in my first year of family medicine residency (about 5 months in) and I don’t like it. It’s not even my program or the...
  9. P

    Should I do the masters program or continue taking 300-400 level science and math courses?

    Hi All- Thank you in advance for the responses! I graduated in May with my bachelors in biology and minor in chemistry. My overall GPA is a 2.9 with retakes calculated in (3.1 with retake grade replacement). I have two options to increase my chances of getting into dental school... do an...