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    Western U optometry interview!!

    Hi everyone, I have an interview with Western U this Friday and was wondering if anyone has any advice for me? If you interviewed here do you remember any questions that were asked and tips on how I could prepare? What was the day like? I would really appreciate your feedback! Thanks :)
  3. R

    Essay for supplemental ICO

    Hi I was wondering if I could have someone willing to read over my supplemental essay to ICO. DM ME. Thanks any feedback is greatly appreciated
  4. O

    MCPHS Optometry Interview?

    Hey guys! I got off the waitlist at MCPHS and have an interview in a few weeks. I was wondering if anyone could describe their experience or provide any helpful tips! Thanks so much and good luck with everything!
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    Unique cases looking for opinion on how to go about it

    So I'm applying to Optometry school but I want to know how to go about my application. My case is as follows: I finished 2 years of undergrad classes and then went to a Caribbean medical school that was still opening up (worse decision of my life even though my parents forced it upon me). But...
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    Interviews at PCO,SUNY, NOVA

    Hey everyone, I just had my optometry school interviews recently. I decided to share my experiences because the forums I read really helped preparing me for my interviews, but were a bit old. It's true what they say just relax and be yourself. Good luck on your interviews! PCO Interview: I...
  7. B

    Interview at Midwestern Glendale Campus

    Hello everyone, I recently set up an interview at the Midwestern University Glendale campus for August 18th. For those who have interview/attend Midwestern, can you tell me about the interview experience you had? What types of questions did they ask? Was it a 1 on 1 interview or a pannel format...
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    Please Help (what are my chances?)

    I have around a 3.0 overall GPA with (hopefully) by next semester I will have a science GPA of around 3.1 or 3.2. I've taken my OAT and scored a 360 with a 340TS. I have shadowed two optometrists, worked as an ophthalmology tech, and currently have a job at Warby Parker (they make glasses)...
  9. AnonymousCollegeStudent

    Nose Piercing

    I am currently an undergrad student who wants to go to optometry school. Will having a pierced nose (1.5mm stud) affect my chances of getting in? Will it affect my career in terms of professionalism? Does anyone know an actual optometrist who wears a nose ring/stud? I've read similar threads...
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    Should I mention not seeing the calculator during my OAT?

    I made the champion stupid/airhead mistake of not noticing that there was a calculator at the upper right hand corner of the screen during my OAT. So despite scoring above 80-90th percentile for all my sciences and reading, I scored in the 30th percentile for math. I would not be surprised if...