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    Anesthesia Applied Board Exam Materials

    Hey guys, I have 2x UBP sets, flash cards, rapid review and some text books for sale. PM for details! K
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    Just took the exam and passed. Used JOB and it was the deciding factor for me.
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    Anesthesia OSCE’s help

    Is there any sort of resource or grading rubric available for the OSCE? I passed the SOE no problem but failed the OSCE not once but twice. Everyone says to just use the ABA guide and that it’s a piece of cake...but I really don’t know what it is I’m doing wrong. When the report came back I was...
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    Anesthesiology OSCE Exam

    Hi guys last year I took the SOE and OSCE. Unfortunately I did not pass the OSCE part. Based on them I failed in the non technical parts of the OSCE. Informed consent, the QI, etc. US and diagnostic station I did great. My point is that I really don't know what else to do for this OSCE. I...
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    Do oral board examiners ask doses?

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    2019 Oral boards study partner

    anyone scheduled for spring oral ABEM boards interested in a Skype/FaceTime partner for case review?
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    PM&R Oral Boards / Part 2 Review Books?

    Step 2 is coming up. What does everyone recommend for good PM&R study guides/oral board review books and resources? I've noticed 3 pm&r oral board review books on Amazon, any recommendations? Would rather use a book than a qbank if possible.
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    AOBNP psych oral boards study material

    Couldn't find any recent threads on this, but any ideas on the best study material for this? Advice on how to study? Any different than for written?
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    Mnemonic for McCune Albright Syndrome, Peutz Jegher Syndrome

    McCune-Albright Syndrome Clinical Signs and Symptoms a. Café au lait pigmentation: unilateral, well-defined, tanned macules with irregular margins on the trunk and thighs. May also be present on the oral mucosa. Mr. McCune Albright (a business man) drinks café au lait (oral mucosa) but he...
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    2017 Anesthesiology Oral Boards thread

    OFFICIAL 2017 ANESTHESIOLOGY ORAL BOARDS THREAD Hello people Took my exam this week and gotta say went from feeling pretty good to bad over the course of the day/night. I know there are other threads on this but all are at least 2-3 years old. How did you guys feel? Remember not to give...