PM&R Oral Boards / Part 2 Review Books?

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May 9, 2013
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Step 2 is coming up. What does everyone recommend for good PM&R study guides/oral board review books and resources? I've noticed 3 pm&r oral board review books on Amazon, any recommendations? Would rather use a book than a qbank if possible.

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I've read all three. All are good resources but I recommend picking up a couple, or all three rather than relying on one.

PM&R Oral Boards Made Easy: 20 Oral Board Practice Cases (green book): Great foundation for initial studying for the boards. Solid cases, both basic and advanced. Neat thought process.

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Review for the Oral Boards: 17 Cases to Cover your Bases (orange book): Least number of cases, but very easy to read. Some might prefer this format-with cases and answers spread out.

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Oral Board Review: Interactive Case (also orange book): Tons of high-yield cases, many different authors. Has pictures- unique! Focused format.

I also tried the Qbank. Cases at times esoteric in the qbank. Preferred the books.

Use multiple resources + a review book + get a study partner if you can.
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I was looking into outbound flights for this year. Does anyone have a read on what time they will be over?
Does anyone have the pdfs or selling their copies of the oral board prep books? Any help would be appreciated!
the best prep for orals is to sit down with a faculty attending and simulate cases. at this point you know enough, it is an assessment of whether you can synthesize and apply it. Each case is a multistep process with followup questions which is very different than what you read in books. Any faculty attending worth a **** can easily do this and should be happy to help out, i used to do this in every clinic with fellows, also R3's & occasionally some 2's when they rotated with me, to improve their critical thinking.