AOBNP psych oral boards study material

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Oct 14, 2015
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Couldn't find any recent threads on this, but any ideas on the best study material for this?

Advice on how to study? Any different than for written?

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Back when oral boards were required for MDs, the way they prepared for oral boards was to have oral exams several times during residency. This may have been program specific, but I think not. Does your program offer this? If not, perhaps ask the PD to arrange for something like this?

I do think oral boards are a lot different from the written exam. Perhaps others can chime in more about this.
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MGH has a course I believe. Good luck.
They have a course for the osteopathic orals for psych? I didn't see it there...[/QUOTE)
The oral board in general. Thank God I don't have to endure this I would never pass. I would GUESS they are similar if not pretty much identical.