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orthopaedic surgery

  1. S

    Johns Hopkins Orthopaedics Research Fellowship (Summer 2021 for M1s)

    The Johns Hopkins Orthopedic Surgery Department invites current M1s to apply for a funded 8-10 week clinical research fellowship during the summer of 2021. Silberstein Pediatric Orthopaedics Research Fellowship Location: Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, MD Preceptors: Paul D. Sponseller...
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  3. F


  4. kingarty24

    MD Step 1 241 - ortho possible? Need help planning years 3-4

    Hi all - I need some guidance. I got my my score report last week, 241. I’m pleased, definitely glad the weeks I spent punishing myself weren’t for nothing. To make a long story short - I’m interested in ortho but I’m not entirely sure how realistic this goal is with a score so far below the...
  5. S

    Position Available Orthopaedic Knee Fellowship for 2020

    The Shelbourne Knee Center at Community East Hospital, located on the east side of Indianapolis, is offering a postdoctoral Orthopaedic Knee Fellowship beginning in August 2020. The one-year, non-accredited fellowship will be a paid, full-time position, with salary and benefits (listed below)...
  6. B

    UCSF vs Vanderbilt(scholarship)

    Hello everyone! I am having trouble deciding between these two great medical schools. I am really interested in Orthopedic surgery so whichever program gives me an advantage in matching is a plus. My scholarship at Vanderbilt is full tuition so that would save me a lot of debt! UCSF financial...
  7. N

    Programs that accept DO applicants

    Hello everyone. I am a fourth year osteopathic student interested in pursuing orthopaedic surgery. I am competitive as an applicant in all fields and have had MD peers tell me that if I was an MD I would have an easy time getting a residency spot. I'm not here to debate anything prior to this...
  8. C

    IMG planning to move to canada, Interested in Surgery Post-graduation.

    Hello, I'm an IMG, planning for canadian immigration in 2019. Currently in South Asia. Interested in Surgery post graduation (preferably in Orthopedics/ Urology/ Plastics). Can someone please guide me as to what route i have to take and what exams are necessary for me? I'm a 2016 graduate.
  9. bonbon89

    Nontraditional Student - Aiming for Ortho, Need Guidance

    Hey guys and gals, this is my first post on SDN but I've been lurking the forum for nearly 10 years now. Over that time period I've fallen off the path to medicine, worked in finance (mainly mortgage banking) and headed straight back to medicine after I realized that I don't care much for...
  10. Majd Abderahman

    MD Training jobs in Ireland for imgs

    evening i have a question regarding registration and getting into a training path in Ireland for IMGs following their website (medicalcouncil.ie) i found that i can register in the "General registration for non-eu" route .. now what does that entail exactly .... from this how do i get into a...
  11. ResidentSwap

    Position Available Orthopaedic Surgery PGY-4 or 5 Residency opening in California

    Featured Opening by Resident Swap, Inc. ( ResidentSwap.org ) -------------------------------------- 1/22/2017 Orthopaedic Surgery PGY-4 or 5 Residency opening in California Click here to check if this opening is still available Program Director: Alexandra K Schwartz MD Coordinator: Joy Dinius...
  12. Q

    Ivy League Pre-Med vs Good Non-Ivy League School

    Hi SDN- I've shadowed a few different specialties throughout high school, and I'm fully convinced that orthopedic surgery is right for me as a specialty. I've read that these specialties are super competitive and require the right connections to get into. This makes me really worried if...
  13. M

    What can I do to maximize my chances of matching into an AOA Orthopedic Program?

    Hi friends, About to start school at KCUMB...taking a look at the match list from the past couple years and there have been several orthopedic residency matches at various AOA programs. Besides stellar board scores, what can I do maximize my chances of matching into orthopedic? I know...
  14. T

    Step 2 CS Scheduling Conflict Advice

    I am scheduled to take my Step 2 CS exam in Houston during August, but received & accepted an orthopaedic surgery away rotation offer in the Southeast. I am excited about this rotation and would like to do well on it, but my CS exam falls on the first Friday of my rotation there. There are no...
  15. D

    Greater Chance Getting into Home Competitive Residency Programs?

    Hello there! I'm going to be an M1 at U of Missouri this coming fall and I was wondering if it is easier to match into a competitive residency program at your home institution. Specifically, I'd love to go into orthopedics (I know just about every dude college athlete thinks this but I've loved...
  16. I

    Rewriting Personal statement after not matching. Need advice.

    I did not match to any program this year. I delayed graduation for a year to do research. Here are my strengths/weaknesses summed up: Pros -Top 30 medical school US -Top half of class overall -Top quartile clinically -Step 2 250 -Letters of rec from my Ortho chair, and 2 others with whom I've...
  17. B

    Should I Delay Graduation?

    I am a recently unmatched Ortho applicant. I am trying to decide if I should extend my graduation another year so I can beef up my CV and reapply as a senior again. I plan on doing a research year during this time to do try to increase my chances of matching again. My main question is: will it...
  18. Majd Abderahman

    possibility of Orthopaedics in UK for IMG

    hello guys.. i hope you're doing great ... i am currently a final year medical student from Jordan ... i will graduate in about two month and i'll be doing the foundation year here ... during this year i plan to study and take the Plab tests ... so i fancy studying Orthopaedics surgery and...
  19. B

    IMGs at Ortho

    Hi, I'm a (soon to be) IMG and plan on applying for Ortho next year. I'm trying to find out what are my chances (realistically) on getting a residency. So far, things I've done that I think could help: - Research in general surgery and ortho. - Away rotation at very prestigious hospital (in the...
  20. OrthoTraumaMD

    ortho attending AMA

    Hi SDNers, I have some free time and so am happy to answer any questions you may have about the myths and realities of orthopaedics, resident life, and general questions. Just avoid the "what are my chances with score X" questions-- so many better posts and options on this site for that...
  21. CuriousBastard01

    Pain Management - Hospital vs Private Practice

    I would like to get some opinions here. I am at the point where I am starting to think about my specialty. I do believe I am competitive enough to match into good residency programs. I am thinking about orthopaedic surgery , rads and anesthesiology ( then go into pain management). Ortho is...