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    Should I list DO experiences in AMCAS application and or allopathic secondaries?

    I'm trying to get a DO shadowing in a month or so and finish it before applying to medical next spring. I'm trying to decide whether I should I list this experience on my AMCAS next year.
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    Need Advice..

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    Should I apply to Osteopathic School over optometry?

    Hey everyone
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    From podiatry to DO

    Hi everyone, I was just looking for some info. I attended podiatry school and ended up deciding to switch to a DO program instead, due to becoming interested in other specialties as well. I have 3.5 gpa and an above average mcat for accepted students. I was just wondering if I had to report...
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    Thoughts on OMM

    Hey everybody, I'm a MS1 at an osteopathic school with some thoughts on OMM that I wanted to share and get feedback on. I don't believe in it. I know that's not a super original opinion to have, but I'm wondering why nothing (at least nothing that I'm aware of) is ever really done to get rid of...