1. B

    2023 Anesthesia Pain Management Salary

    Saw a similar thread on Reddit anesthesiology… let’s see how they stack up! Post your most recent earnings, type of practice, weeks vacation , etc.
  2. B

    Post your practice setup

    Hey, I am considering going into pain and I would love to hear what kind of setups you guys have? Let’s get a thread of comments describing your practice set up here. Some things I’d love to hear… 1. Type of practice (private vs HOPD or academic) 2. Volume of patients seen and or RVU 3...
  3. Member10billion

    Prophylactic antibiotic in genicular nerve block / RFA?

    I have a patient with a remote (>20year) hx of MRSA infection of the left knee after a meniscectomy. She has not had an issue since then. Not able to have L TKA due to this previous infection. What is the recommendation or what have you seen regarding prophylactic antibiotics and genicular nerve...
  4. C

    JOB APPLICANTS NEEDED: NIH Funded Research Associate/Research Coordinator Position

    APPLY AT Research Coordinator The Psychophysiology Laboratory for Affective Neuroscience (PLAN; PLAN ) in the University of Tulsa’s Department of Psychology is accepting applications for a full-time Research Associate / Research Coordinator. The position will assist with a 5-year NIH/NCCIH...
  5. DrMDAware

    Those in FM, what would you like to learn/know about Pain Medicine?

    Hi y'all, I plan on giving a presentation to a large local family medicine group and I'm reaching out to see what YOU would like to learn from someone who is in pain management. This may be one presentation or a short series. Ideally, this would be useful and practical. So, think more 'what is...
  6. Neuroelectrobuzz

    Neurology trained Interventional pain vs interventional neuroradiology outlook?

    I am an IMG applying to neurology. Yes, I know those are two completely different specialties. But I want a practice where I can do some general neurology (maybe 20%) but also a lot of procedures, atleast early on in my career. These are two most procedure heavy neuro fellowships so I would like...
  7. Aldertonghen

    Neurology Fellowships for an academic career in neuromodulation?

    I’m interested in this broad field and was wondering which fellowships would be good for it. I know of a person who did pain fellowships and now has a good setup at a large-ish hospital, does a lot of spinal cord stimulation but his patient population seems to be relatively….. umm not my cup of...
  8. Scarbesi_90011

    Fledgling pain clinic in the Houston area

    Anesth/interventional pain MD: Started out at roughly $550K in another state, quit and started up a clinic in Houston ~1.5 years ago. Purchased our building and c-arm. The first year's been tough (credentialing was slow during Covid), but family support and savings (plus having paid off all...
  9. I

    Advice about SIS

    Hello everyone, im sorry if this has been asked before but I could not find anything to my specific situation. I am doing a 2 year fellowship in Canada for Interventional Pain and have not been able to attend SIS due to COVID making it difficult to travel. I am now nearing completion of my...
  10. M

    Intraop analgesia

    I have seen and heard so many ways to treat analgesia during surgery. I understand that it often depends on the type of surgery and the patient, but I often hear the same few strategies and I was curious what everyone else does? Lets say for your typical Laparoscopic assisted Total hysterectomy...
  11. S

    Pain practice partnering with hospitals

    hi everyone, I’m starting a new pain practice splitting time between rural hospitals in Indiana. They’re providing some staff and access to their “surgical specialties clinic” for me to see patients in. They will also provide a few staff (I’ve requested 3, a receptionist and two MAs). I will pay...
  12. G

    Position Available Interventional Spine and Pain Management Fellowship

    Florida Spine Institute has non-ACGME accredited, Interventional Spine and Pain Management Fellowship in Clearwater, Fl. Our program trains Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation nad/or Anesthesia residents in the diagnosis and treatment of a wide array of painful spine and musculoskeletal...
  13. A

    8% capsacian for PLP

    Anyone here use 8% capsacian patch for phantom limb pain (not sensation)? 1) Was it successful 2) How long was it effective 3) Was it Transtibial vs transfemoral 4) Were they diabetic & what was the A1C if known 5) Was it traumatic or non-traumatic amputation 6) What was the time frame it was...
  14. R

    Possible Career Change

    I just started my DS1 year and am hesitant in continuing dental school. Around 2 years ago, I started having some hand issues but multiple orthopedic surgeons assured me that they would resolve in time. None of them believed that this would hinder me from going to dental school so I decided to...
  15. D

    Reflection: Pain Is a Vital Sign

    Working to improve healthcare, I still don't look forward to being a patient—especially not unexpectedly. Here's a personal reflection on life and leadership following my medical episode. I hope you find it valuable. Reflection: Pain Is a Vital Sign
  16. Kwijibo

    Position Available Interventional Pain Fellowship Position Available for August 2018

    Opening in Non - ACGME Accredited Fellowship Program in New York City Opening for the upcoming year for a position in a heavily interventional pain practice. This position opened secondary to a candidate dropping out. You will be working under 6 interventional pain docs through several of our...
  17. C

    Does this patient have obvious arachnoiditis?

    27 y.o male was referred my to pain clinic for continued pain management (opiate therapy) and c/o continued lumbar and lower thoracic (T8-T12) pain. Pain that persist and worsens through the night and has been present and worsening/staying around the same intensity for approx. two years. The...
  18. gaseous_clay

    100% interventional pain practice in metro Atlanta

    Established 100% pain practice in metro Atlanta area looking to add physician to accommodate rapid growth. This is a partnership track position. We are a rapidly growing interventional pain practice in the metro Atlanta area looking to add another physician to cover additional locations...
  19. G

    Position Available Pain Fellowship Position:

    Non - ACGME Accredited Fellowship Program in Central Valley, CA: Two positions, one starting from Jan 2018 and another one from July 2018 under the supervision of anesthesiologist/Interventional Pain Specialist are available to join. Eligible Candidates should have unrestricted CA State Medical...
  20. j4pac

    2018-19 Pain Fellowship Interview Thread

    The 2018-19 Pain Fellowship cycle has officially kicked off. Good luck guys/gals!
  21. N

    Anesthesiologist Needed Indiana for Pain Management

    ABA Certified Anesthesiologists for Indianapolis Pain Clinic Center for Pain Management is actively seeking a full time ABA Certified Anesthesiologists – Pain Management Physicians for our Indianapolis pain clinic and surgery center. We are a large, private medical practice specializing in pain...
  22. N

    Interventional Pain Management Physician Indiana

    ABA Certified Anesthesiologists for Lafayette Indiana Pain Care Center Center for Pain Management is actively seeking full time American Board of Anesthesiology (ABA) Certified Anesthesiologists with added qualifications in pain management for our established Lafayette, Indiana medical pain care...
  23. N

    Pain Management Physician Need - Indiana

    ABA Certified Anesthesiologists for Lafayette Indiana Pain Care Center Center for Pain Management is actively seeking full time American Board of Anesthesiology (ABA) Certified Anesthesiologists with added qualifications in pain management for our established Lafayette, Indiana medical pain care...
  24. N

    Position Available New Fellowship Position Pain Management - Indiana

    About: Center for Pain Management is excited to offer a multidisciplinary chronic pain fellowship opportunity in our multiple locations throughout Indiana. All our procedures including implants are performed in the center’s dedicated licensed ambulatory surgical centers. Our fellowship...
  25. ckwsnik

    anyone else balancing a chronic illness and school?

    After being misdiagnosed for several years I finally have been diagnosed with Lyme disease and ankylosing spondylitis. I'm wondering if anyone else balances school and their illness? I'm finding it difficult to continue in school and even questioning my ability to be a dentist with this chronic...
  26. P

    Office vs ASC in California

    Wanted to hear from my California peeps. If you are a part of a moderately busy 2-3 pain physician group is it still worthwhile to build your own single specialty ASC as oppose to setting up shop in your own office? If we're NOT in one of the pricey regions of CA (Bay, LA, SD) how much should I...
  27. $1andIwontvoteTrump

    2017-18 Pain Fellowship Interview Thread

    Let's get this application cycle started. Post interview invites below. Any thoughts on programs or other advice appreciated. Gluck to everyone applying this year!
  28. drusso

    The Alt-Right, Opioids, and Pain Patients?

    I've been trying to wrap my head around what this ideology means for patients with chronic pain: I predict that the rise of Alt-right ideology will promote the stigmatization of people with chronic pain (damaged goods, miscreants, genetically inferior, etc). In turn, there will be an organized...
  29. 2

    ASA Conference 2016

    Anyone going to ASA? Anything worth doing there for Pain folks? Any good talks/workshops for those in pain who are/will be fellowship trained (ie courses that are too basic wouldn't be worthwhile). Are there any good times for networking? Thanks!
  30. ScienceIsArt

    Pills for cramps without Ibuprofen?

    Best Menstrual pain pill without Ibuprofen? Are there any pills better than Tylenol without damaging? How do those differentiate with Tylenol? Both ALEVE and MIDOL are NAPROXEN. There's MIDOL, containing caffeine which isn't recommended during menstruation cycle. The MIDOL Teen version doesn't...
  31. N

    North American Neuromodulation Society (NANS)

    On Behalf of the North American Neuromodulation Society (NANS) - The Residents and Fellows Section would like to create a multidisciplinary (Anesthesiology, PM&R, Neurology, Medicine, Neurosurgery, and Psychiatry) forum for those interested in the implementation of Neuromodulation in chronic...
  32. PeterMichaelMD

    Pain Fellowship wanted

    I am a recent PM&R graduate from the University of Miami looking for and accredited or non accredited Interventional Pain fellowship. Please email me at [email protected] Thank you Peter Michael, MD, MBA
  33. NYCPainDoc

    Re: Pain Medicine Fellowship Opportunity - New York, NY

    Dear Program Director, We invite you to please share with your Anesthesiology, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Neurology and Psychiatry resident physicians who are interested in pursuing advanced training in Pain Medicine. Click on Link to View Presentation: Fellowship Prospectus...
  34. L

    oncology practice vs. residency differences

    In community oncology practices, are oncologists responsible for common 'residency' issues with cancer patients ie. managing opiates and pain medications, anti-nausea medications, etc. I would like to just be responsible for the chemo and surveillance of their primary disease, I understand many...
  35. YellowTurtle

    Physical toll of the OR - recommendations?

    I'm a second year and I have been going back and forth whether I want to do surgery. When I'm in the OR, for the first 2ish hours I'm really enjoying it, but then my feet and back start a terrible aching. Around hour 3/4 I'm dying to sit down, but have to stand through the pain. I also get...
  36. D

    I'm a pedodontist...and I suck at doing extractions!

    Hi all, I'm a practicing pediatric dentist (went to residency) and I am horrible at doing primary teeth extractions! Obviously, those ones that are about to exfoliate are not my problem, but it's the one with the roots. I've tried several methods and each time I do it, I feel like I inflict...
  37. ArtemisEntreri

    Pain ITE

    Hi all, I'm working on ERAS for the upcoming fellowship application for pain. Do any of you guys know how to send programs our ITE scores under this new system? It looks like ERAS lets you upload surgery ABSITE scores but that's it. I didn't see much on random program websites as many seem to...
  38. Octophetus

    Do you have these biases?

    There was a study where researchers showed video clips to a group of participants. One is a needle touching someone's skin. The other is an eraser touching someone's skin. When participants saw the white people receiving a painful stimuli, they responded much more dramatically than they did for...