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Opening in Non - ACGME Accredited Fellowship Program in New York City

Opening for the upcoming year for a position in a heavily interventional pain practice. This position opened secondary to a candidate dropping out. You will be working under 6 interventional pain docs through several of our locations in NYC.

The program meets most ACGME requirements in terms of education and interventional experience. You will have hands on exposure from everything from seeing patients, heavy ultrasound work, extensive experience in bread and butter cervical and lumbar procedures, to RFA's, head/neck/face/, kyphos, stim trials, DRG, implants, pumps, and endoscopic procedures. You will not get better interventional training at any program, ACGME or not.

You will have a research project to complete during your fellowship, and that can either be your own idea or can be joining one of our current studies. We have a dedicated research team that can help bring your ideas to reality. You will not be wasting time doing scut work like authorizations, letters, or other menial work that many non accredited programs require. You will be seeing and treating patients everyday. If you are interested we implore you to speak to our current fellows on their training so far.

Eligible Candidates should have unrestricted NY State Medical License with Anesthesia, PMR (Physiatry) or Neurology residency background. You must be hard working, diligent, and a team player. Personality fit is important with our group so spending a 1/2 day interview with us is important. The caveat is that you will work hard for the year. Interested candidates can send their resumes and personal statement to us.
You can learn more about our practice at SpinePainNY, on FB at The Spine & Pain Institute of New York, or about procedures on our YouTube channel.
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