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  1. U

    HIRING: Physician Positions at Urgent Care Facilities [NYC]

    Hi everyone! If you or anyone you know is interested in working at an urgent care facility, we are currently looking to fill both full-time and part-time/moonlighting physician positions. As our offices are all based in NY, applicants MUST have an active NYS Medical License. Pay is competitive...
  2. zoe5

    Volunteering/Clinical Experience/Extracurriculars during the pandemic (internationally)

    I'm an undergrad freshman at UCSB doing remote learning. How do I find volunteer opportunities? Will med schools take pandemic difficulties into account? I've read answers to other questions like mine, but Im living in Taiwan. So technically the pandemic is over here. There isn't a huge need for...
  3. ConfusedPremed208

    Gap Year Part Time Job Advice

    Hi everyone, I need some advice and some divine intervention. I will be graduating college in May and will be traveling in the summer. I am thinking of what job I am going to be doing next year and looking for advice specific to what kinds of options are available. Here are some things to...
  4. P

    Seeking health professionals for part-time, web-based gigs

    We are an emerging wellness platform that provides people with all the resources they need to be healthy and stay healthy - when they want, how they want, where they want. Think Fiverr for health services. We are looking for entrepreneurial health professionals who are ready to embrace...
  5. D

    part time job during DYI post bac

    I'm doing a DYI post bac in the Fall and was wondering if I can get some advice regarding what kind of jobs I should be looking into and focusing on during my 1 year post bac. I have a computer science background and have been working in the industry for about 4 years but I have no lab...
  6. MyBioGate

    【Part-time】US Healthcare & Medical Innovation Information Researcher

    Description Xian MyBioGate Internet Technology Ltd. is a business platform that facilitates U.S. technology companies in connecting with partners from China. The WeChat Official Account “MyBioGate” provides the latest news and analytics on US healthcare & medical related researches, innovation...
  7. AustinK

    Looking for med students to promote e-learning software.

    String learning startup (http://stringlearning.com/ ) is looking for a part-time promoters ( students) of our e-learning software. PLease contact us for further details. [email protected] Stringlearning - an online educational platform that offers online quizzes and tests on different...
  8. J

    full time premed student & FT worker thinking about doing a full time program at a trade school

    So to make sure I dont waste anymore time than I have to, I will being doing summer courses as well as winter courses to finish my BA degree in bioscience in about two years and im also working full time as a phlebotomist. I want to make more money however and was thinking about doing a...
  9. P

    What to do with associates in biology?

    So I'm in community college right now and I'm a bio major. After I get my associates I'm gonna transfer to a 4-year and get my bachelors in Biology as well. I of course plan on going to med school, but in the mean time after I get my associates what are some jobs that I could look for with that...