1. meddigger

    Full Length Passages

    Hi all! I am planning on taking MCAT soon. I already have the Kaplan Mcat books and started studying a bit. I am looking for passage-based questions for each chapter of each section so I can see if I studied well enough. What would be the best resource for that?
  2. S

    TBR Passage Schedule

    How many TBR passages should you do a day? What would be the typical schedule?
  3. EnzymaticFuture

    MCAT - Berkeley Review Passages

    Hey everyone, long time lurker here. I just started my first week of content review (following Sn2ed & Nymerias schedule) so everything seems overwhelming at first lol I have a question for y’all because I’m in need of some help After reviewing the content in the Berkeley Review books (for...
  4. wannabedoc1231

    How do you focus?

    Hi all, So my #1 problem when reading the passages is FOCUS, especially when I find the topic to be not very interesting, like in CARS section. This causes me to re-read the passage several times in order to understand, and the time runs out. What strategy do you follow to keep yourself focused?
  5. ClamChowderrr

    Selling: Kaplan, EK 101 passages, EK 1001 passages, The MCAT book

    ExamKrackers: Brand new: 101 passages pyschology& sociology + 101 passages Biology 1 Biolomolecules $60 for both Barely Used: EK 1001 questions Physic ,Chemistry, and biology $10 for all Kaplan 3rd Edition full set + AAMC guide to the MCAT + Kaplan high yield problems book $60 for all...
  6. B

    Kaplane Passage Based Questions

    For anyone who has taken Kaplan Online Self Paced Study, Are their Passage Based Problems for the end of the chapter good to do along with AAMC questions? Is just focusing on AAMC for 2 months a good idea?
  7. AdaptPrep

    MCAT What do you wish you did differently in preparing for MCAT?

    What do you wish you did differently in preparing for MCAT? Do you wish you dedicated more time? Less time? Used different resources? Reviewed more? Took more practice exams?
  8. Mr.IceHockey

    AAMC CARS Q-Pack #1

    Hey all. So I just did the first Q pack for CARs from AAMC. I got a 71% average accuracy, which for the first Q pack is decent I think(??). But, my question is, how can I maximize my time when reviewing the answers I got wrong? Its not like C/P where I can review a concept and go "oh, I needed...
  9. joe7456

    Examkrackers bio 101 passages or TBR bio passages?

    If you had to invest your time in 101 passages of the new EK biology and biomolecules or all of the TBR biology passages which resource would you choose and why?
  10. joe7456

    EK 10th ed. Bio vs. TBR 2015 Bio

    Wondering which book will yield the most efficient results. I understand TBR is detailed. I have both books, taking MCAT may 18, so just wondering which book I should read through? While you're here; if you had to spend 1 month on EK biomolecules 101/EK biology 101 (new books) vs. TBR bio 1 &2...
  11. MCATdisciple

    How to Approach MCAT Research-Based Passages

    Hello, my name is Laureano Andrade Vicenty and I scored a 518 on the new 2016 MCAT. I created this video describing my approach for research-based passages. I call it the disciple method. I hope you find it useful!
  12. I

    NextStep Full Length Exams and General Approach

    Hi everyone, I have taken NS1 and NS2 and got a 511 (first practice exam) and 509. I was wondering what others opinions are on the difficulty of these tests compared to the real deal? Also when were the Nextstep exams updated? Is the scoring on the latest posts to the spreadsheet accurate the...
  13. A

    Best books for practice?

    I already have several resources for content review, but I am looking for something with just lots of practice passages now. I mainly need help in physical science and CARS but I am not sure what companies/books would have material focused on practice in that. Help please!
  14. B

    KA P/S Passage Question

    Could someone help me look at this question. I can't understand how they concluded the relationship to be "strong." Shouldn't there be a numerical value to indicate if something is strong or not? The link for the passage is...
  15. B

    Yet Another Schedule (ideal if you are aiming for January and starting today)

    With so many people posting schedules, I figured it would be a good idea to post one while pointing out that if you are aiming for the MCAT this January, then it's time to dive in head first. This schedule is ideally for the people who have gotten our books recently (or have them on the way)...