1. 7

    P/F Schools and Implications on OMFS

    I was wondering since the main criteria of matching into OMFS is based on Class Rank + CBSE score with a good amount of EC (Externship, Research, LOR), how exactly does a H/P/F or P/F school help or hurt you. I've noticed a lot of the top Dental Schools for matching into OMFS tend to be P/F...
  2. H

    in danger of failing (research credits).. help!

    a little background info.. i am a sophomore at a pretty prestigious undergrad school. i didn't do well at all freshman year, no Cs but only a few As and mostly Bs. this semester and while taking orgo over the summer, i've really turned it around and gotten only As and A-s, and am looking at a...
  3. M

    Does the P/F System Make Med School Easier?

    For current medical schools, I feel like I may have an inaccurate understanding of the P/F system and need some clarification. Based on my understanding, the P/F system makes medical school less stressful overall. Yes, there still is a lot of material that needs to be learned but when you don't...
  4. ForHumors

    Which schools have gotten rid of AOA?

    Do you guys know which schools have done away with AOA? I've heard of Harvard and Vandy, any other ones?
  5. YTAZ

    Pass/Fail 3 year program and residencies

    Hello guys! I am very interested in pursuing a residency program upon graduation. I am a P2 at a 3 year program that uses a pass/fail system. I have 3 different leadership positions. I am very involved in the school events. I am in Phi Lambda Sigma. I have done research with a faculty. I...
  6. babytomato

    Pass/Fail classes in dental school?

    I'm unfamiliar with how the pass/fail system works at dental schools. Do you have to pass all the classes to move on to the next year? What are the honors classes like? Thanks!
  7. Itsnotludwigs

    Columbia vs. Penn Dental -- Compare/Contrast

    Hi all, Wanted to get everyone's opinion on Penn Dental vs. Columbia Dental. I am under the impression of, or have been told, the following features of the two programs: 1) Given Columbia's medical school curriculum, Columbia will better prepare you for the OMFS boards exam and is...
  8. M

    Does withdraw and Pass/fail affect my chances

    I think I will get a B in social psychology class..(yes, very hard exams). I really don't want to have a B in Gened, so I'm thinking about withdraw this class. What do you guys think? Should I do pass/fail or withdraw?
  9. 7

    Pass/Fail vs. H/HP/P/LP/F Grading System for Medical School

    If you had the option of attending one of two medical schools, all else being equal, would you choose the Pass/Fail school or the H/HP/P/LP/F school? Why? And does it really matter??? Thanks :)
  10. mrjbb

    Chances with Tons of P/F Classes?

    Ok a little bit of background info: I'm 28, a minority with a family and ownership in several very stable businesses. I'm looking to apply for the next cycle and I am going to allow my father to run my businesses if I get accepted. A few years ago I wanted to get several years of college under...
  11. gucci

    Which Schools are P/F?

    Hi, I was wondering which schools are P/F, which are H/P/F, and which are grades. I know there have been lists before but I am aware this is something that is changing in schools and therefore some of the older threads are not entirely accurate. Is there anywhere to find this information out...
  12. W

    Pass/Fail Sociology Course

    Hey guys, I'm a junior applying this summer. Science GPA 3.75. I'm enrolled in Introduction to Sociology and thinking about taking it Pass/Fail. I've never taken a Pass/Fail class before. Any idea how medical schools would perceive this? My motivation is that it'd give me much needed time to...
  13. K

    List of Pass/Fail M.D. Schools

    Hi everyone! I wanted to create a comprehensive list of all pass/fail schools, so far I only know of: Harvard University UCLA Yale University Lets collectively make a list!