1. P


    Hello! I am a PsyD student in my post-doc year. I recently completed a 5-day training on the R-Pas and working with my supervisor to incorporate it into the Assessment Center where I work (for appropriate cases). We used to use the Comprehensive System. One hurdle I've come across... the...
  2. SeldingerFan78

    MD & DO IR resident AMA

    Hey SDN universe, I recently started my IR residency at my top choice program. Feel free to ask me anything regarding my choice of IR or the application process. I used some techniques from business world to land interviews at 80% of programs I applied to. IR is a dynamic and interesting field...
  3. Piglet2020

    Being Conversational During Interviews

    I've gotten the impression that one shouldn't be too stiff or cold during an interview, meaning keep it professionally casual. (Not making jokes every five minutes, but keeping it light-hearted). From feedback, I was told that interviewers are more interested in learning about me as a person...
  4. germindian123

    Any INTJ's in dentistry or dental specialties?

    Hi guys. Do you think any certain aspects of dentistry attract the INTJ more than others? Specialties? I am an INTJ myself and just finished my 1st year in dental school. Just curious! Cheers :)
  5. T

    Personality and mentoring in doctoral programs, 10 mins survey, win a starbucks card!

    Please help me collect data for my dissertation on the effect of personality factors on doctoral students' initiation of mentoring relationships with faculty members. To be eligible you must be at least 18, and a doctoral student in a social science program who has been enrolled for at least...
  6. I

    A cliche header, but is dentistry the right career for me specifically?

    A short intro. I'm 22 my gpa is a bit over 3.6 (overall and science) and I have no red flags in terms of grades and whatnot. My DAT scores are fairly good (22 TS, 22AA). But the real issue here is my personality. I've been looked down on pretty much my entire life as the strange little...
  7. A

    general surgeon personality study- help needed

    Over the last year I have worked on a study trying to identify differences in personality between residents in different specialties by giving a personality test to residents at a large Midwestern hospital. We did find a unique personality profile that was more common in general surgery...