1. Athompson89

    Ross University c/o 2024

    Haven’t seen a forum made for Ross yet or maybe I overlooked it. Anyone else applied to Ross for Spring/ Fall semester?
  2. CardiacLion

    [Question]: Getting a Dog in EM Residency

    Hi Folks, Looking for some sage advice regarding the possibility of adopting an adult dog this year. I'm a rising intern, hopefully soon to be matched into an EM residency. Wondering how many of you would say this is something that is possible to do. Background: my family owned a dog when we...
  3. C

    Keeping a horse in vet school?

    Hey guys! This is for any current, past, or future vet students - I'm looking for advice/opinions/words of wisdom. So I have been a competitive horse person all my life. I ride everyday even now. I just got accepted to my first school (yay!) and I'm already thinking/worrying about the...
  4. Doctor-S

    Pet Oxygen Equipment/Mask

    Does anyone have any comments/experience with this pet oxygen mask from Wag'N O2 Fur Life? Your thoughts?
  5. A

    Will having two dogs in medical school ruin my life?

    Alright, so I am an undergrad looking at going in Neurology (Possibly Oncology) after my BA, which means medical school. I have a 6 month old incredibly easy puppy who is an amazing part of my life. I love having a dog and will never regret getting him as he is my best friend and understands...
  6. T

    Getting a Dog to Help With MCAT Stress

    My husband is studying for the MCAT to take this summer. I noticed he's been very stressed out and isolated. I was thinking about getting him a puppy to help relieve some of his stress and take away some of the unavoidable depression that comes with preparing for the MCAT's. Would that be a good...
  7. mollyandcody

    Bringing pets on the plane

    Hello! So if I end up going to an international school I would like to bring my golden retriever with me. However, I am very nervous at the idea of having to put him on a plane, especially that he's too big for me to bring to my seat. Anyone have any experience with pets and planes? Or is anyone...