pharmacy applications

  1. WingateadvisorPharmD

    Wingate University Hendersonville Pharmacy Program

    We are having our Spring Open House on March 16th at 5:00pm. You are welcome to join us! If you have any questions about our Pharmacy program, pre-reqs and or PCAT please leave your question and I will be happy to answer it for you. I am the Regional Director for the Hendersonville campus...
  2. thethinker

    Wolters Kluwer/lexicomp + other active promos

    I figured this would be a good place to share discounts we've discovered on references pharmacists and students use on a daily basis. Despite having Clinical Pharmacology available to me through my employer, I still subscribe to Lexi-Complete as a person preference. I typically do 3 years at a...
  3. Jane Mi

    The University of Florida - Class of 2022

    Anyone applying to UF this year for Fall 2018 admission? Here's my timeline so far. Please share yours :) Applying ED, in-state Submission date - 08/31/17 Verified date - 09/06/17 Interview notification date - Interview date - Anyone heard anything back yet?
  4. Aki Shimoyo

    Do I have a chance to get accepted to pharmacy school?

    I am still not done with my PharmCAS application. The reason is because I have been dragging on my PCAT. I did terrible on the one in September and I missed the test on November. -Bachelor's of Science (chemistry) -A year of hospital volunteer experience -Cumulative 3.2 gpa -LOR: from a...
  5. F

    KU Pharmacy School Class of 2021 (Fall 2016 Applicants)!

    Hi guys! No one has created a page for KU Pharmacy Class of 2021 yet so I thought I would start a thread to discuss interviews, acceptance, ect! I know they're priority deadline ends December 31, 2016 and they don't accept applications after February 1st! Has anyone heard anything about an...