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  1. L

    RI MPJE Suggestions

    Hoping to get some advice/suggestions on how to study for the rhode island MPJE! So far, I found the "Study Material" link from the health.ri.gov site and plan to go through all the materials listed. I searched here and on other forums but I haven't found any posts recently. Open to any and all...
  2. gearhalk

    GA MPJE 2021

    I'm an LA pharmacist working towards reciprocity in GA. My primary state is known for its difficult MPJE, even for state locals (I passed it by 2 points). I hear the GA MPJE is also notoriously difficult. I don't have any GA pharmacist contacts, so it would be awesome to get some suggestions or...
  3. S

    Florida MPJE!!!

    Hello all, I have decided to make a new post regarding the Florida MPJE. I wanted to create a place for people in similar positions to come together and hopefully help one and other pass the exam. I wanted to begin with a few general questions if anybody can help! 1) Is the USF Pharmacy Law...
  4. P

    Michigan MPJE

    Hi everyone! So I am about to start studying for MI MPJE and now im freaking out because I have no idea where to start. I purchased the book by Dr. Vivian and that is all. What other resources should I use? Also for those who used Rx Prep, did it help...was it worth it? TIA
  5. F

    NJ transferring controls

    can controls 3-5 be transferred electronically or by fax in New Jersey or can it only be transferred by phone?
  6. F


    I was wondering how people go about studying for the NJ MPJE.
  7. L

    Reading directions to customer - technician

    The other day, I had a new pharmacist covering for the pharmacist that usually work at my store. A new patient asked me if the directions were written on the prescription bottle and if I'd read it to them. I read it to them. They wanted to get more information so I got the pharmacist and told...
  8. N

    IN MPJE Law Review

    Help!!! Is there anyone that can help me with the Indiana Pharmacy Law Review? I didn't go to school in that state and I've failed the MPJE twice now!! (74 both times and needed a 75 to pass). I need some advice on study materials. What works and what doesn't. TIA
  9. E

    Virginia Pharmacy Law

    Hello, I am a current pharmacy student in New York and hoping to move to Virginia post graduation. Looking to get more information about VA pharmacy law. Does VA have a compounding portion to get licensed? Is VA mostly federal pharmacy law or more state specific like NY? Any information that I...
  10. B

    30 day limits per fill for C-III drugs and patient access issues

    I came across an interesting question from a friend up in Massachusetts, where state law limits schedule III controlled substances to a 30-day supply per fill (Section 23). Say you have a patient who has a real allergy to the cottonseed oil that testosterone cypionate is suspended in, so they...
  11. E

    Studying for PA MPJE

    Hey everyone, I'm taking my Pennsylvania MPJE next week. I currently have last year's version of MPJE made easy. I was wondering if anyone used last year's and had any luck with it. I'd rather not buy the new version if I can avoid it. Thanks for any input!
  12. S


    Hello! I am also selling my CPJE study materials in case anyone is interested Weissman's A guide to California Community Law 8th edition Rx prep CPJE law book and access to the online video and test bank (i have access until 8/14/17) That's really all I used to pass. A lot of the questions in...
  13. P

    My MPJE (AZ) Experience and Material Available (for both federal and state)

    Hello, I just received my MPJE results today and found out I have passed!! I used to federal MPJE book to study (Guide to Federal Pharmacy Law, 9th edition, By Barry S. Reiss & Gary D. Hall) and a specific state book called (Pharmacy law simplified Arizona MPJE study guide for 2016-2017, by...
  14. P

    Advertisement Card game to study AZ pharmacy law/MPJE

    Hello, I am a recent pharmacy grad and created this resource from an APPE rotation I was at. I was at Bula Law (Home), a pharmacy law compliance firm. I created a fun game with mechanics similar to UNO to make studying for Arizona pharmacy law easier. The content is all curated by Bula Law. The...
  15. C

    For Sale Pronto Pass ProntoPass 2016 for Massachusetts MA MPJE Pharmacy Law

    I am selling the 2016 version of Massachusetts MA MPJE Pronto Pass ProntoPass Materials. It includes the quick cards on the federal law and compounding, as well as a sheet for Massachusetts-specific law. I used it to pass the NEW (As of November 2016) MPJE in January 2017. If desired I can...
  16. B

    Naloxone and Pharmacist Liability

    Hello all, I am currently on a pharmacy law rotation with a firm and going to meet with some community executives regarding the various state naloxone laws (standing order, etc.). I was posed a question, which I am told was from the client, about what protection may be available for community...
  17. M

    Dr. Seamon's Review (Florida MPJE)

    Hi does anyone know if Dr. Seamon has a review class? Or offers personal tutoring for the FL MPJE??? Thanks :)
  18. M

    NY MPJE Help, I have an IL MPJE Self-Made Study Guide

    Hey, I'm looking for a fairly recent NY MPJE Study guide, something that's concise and demystifies all the legal jargon or at least extracts important/accurate information from a compilation of texts...essentially a study guide that you have used to pass the test. I like to make my own study...
  19. ElleTori

    Passed MPJE for Indiana using RxPrep, March 2016

    Just found out today that I passed the MPJE for Indiana!! Wanted to let anyone studying know what I used: RxPrep, Dr. Wilson's notes, and the IN Chapter from Pharmacy Law: Examination and Board Review. I was skeptical about using RxPrep, since I hadn't seen much written on the forums about...