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    Florida MPJE!!!

    Hello all, I have decided to make a new post regarding the Florida MPJE. I wanted to create a place for people in similar positions to come together and hopefully help one and other pass the exam. I wanted to begin with a few general questions if anybody can help! 1) Is the USF Pharmacy Law...
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    Michigan MPJE

    Hi everyone! So I am about to start studying for MI MPJE and now im freaking out because I have no idea where to start. I purchased the book by Dr. Vivian and that is all. What other resources should I use? Also for those who used Rx Prep, did it help...was it worth it? TIA
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    NJ transferring controls

    can controls 3-5 be transferred electronically or by fax in New Jersey or can it only be transferred by phone?
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    I was wondering how people go about studying for the NJ MPJE.
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    Reading directions to customer - technician

    The other day, I had a new pharmacist covering for the pharmacist that usually work at my store. A new patient asked me if the directions were written on the prescription bottle and if I'd read it to them. I read it to them. They wanted to get more information so I got the pharmacist and told...
  6. N

    IN MPJE Law Review

    Help!!! Is there anyone that can help me with the Indiana Pharmacy Law Review? I didn't go to school in that state and I've failed the MPJE twice now!! (74 both times and needed a 75 to pass). I need some advice on study materials. What works and what doesn't. TIA
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    Virginia Pharmacy Law

    Hello, I am a current pharmacy student in New York and hoping to move to Virginia post graduation. Looking to get more information about VA pharmacy law. Does VA have a compounding portion to get licensed? Is VA mostly federal pharmacy law or more state specific like NY? Any information that I...
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    30 day limits per fill for C-III drugs and patient access issues

    I came across an interesting question from a friend up in Massachusetts, where state law limits schedule III controlled substances to a 30-day supply per fill (Section 23). Say you have a patient who has a real allergy to the cottonseed oil that testosterone cypionate is suspended in, so they...
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    Studying for PA MPJE

    Hey everyone, I'm taking my Pennsylvania MPJE next week. I currently have last year's version of MPJE made easy. I was wondering if anyone used last year's and had any luck with it. I'd rather not buy the new version if I can avoid it. Thanks for any input!
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    Hello! I am also selling my CPJE study materials in case anyone is interested Weissman's A guide to California Community Law 8th edition Rx prep CPJE law book and access to the online video and test bank (i have access until 8/14/17) That's really all I used to pass. A lot of the questions in...
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    My MPJE (AZ) Experience and Material Available (for both federal and state)

    Hello, I just received my MPJE results today and found out I have passed!! I used to federal MPJE book to study (Guide to Federal Pharmacy Law, 9th edition, By Barry S. Reiss & Gary D. Hall) and a specific state book called (Pharmacy law simplified Arizona MPJE study guide for 2016-2017, by...
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    Advertisement Card game to study AZ pharmacy law/MPJE

    Hello, I am a recent pharmacy grad and created this resource from an APPE rotation I was at. I was at Bula Law (Home), a pharmacy law compliance firm. I created a fun game with mechanics similar to UNO to make studying for Arizona pharmacy law easier. The content is all curated by Bula Law. The...
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    For Sale Pronto Pass ProntoPass 2016 for Massachusetts MA MPJE Pharmacy Law

    I am selling the 2016 version of Massachusetts MA MPJE Pronto Pass ProntoPass Materials. It includes the quick cards on the federal law and compounding, as well as a sheet for Massachusetts-specific law. I used it to pass the NEW (As of November 2016) MPJE in January 2017. If desired I can...
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    Naloxone and Pharmacist Liability

    Hello all, I am currently on a pharmacy law rotation with a firm and going to meet with some community executives regarding the various state naloxone laws (standing order, etc.). I was posed a question, which I am told was from the client, about what protection may be available for community...
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    Dr. Seamon's Review (Florida MPJE)

    Hi does anyone know if Dr. Seamon has a review class? Or offers personal tutoring for the FL MPJE??? Thanks :)
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    NY MPJE Help, I have an IL MPJE Self-Made Study Guide

    Hey, I'm looking for a fairly recent NY MPJE Study guide, something that's concise and demystifies all the legal jargon or at least extracts important/accurate information from a compilation of texts...essentially a study guide that you have used to pass the test. I like to make my own study...
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    Passed MPJE for Indiana using RxPrep, March 2016

    Just found out today that I passed the MPJE for Indiana!! Wanted to let anyone studying know what I used: RxPrep, Dr. Wilson's notes, and the IN Chapter from Pharmacy Law: Examination and Board Review. I was skeptical about using RxPrep, since I hadn't seen much written on the forums about...