pharmacy school application

  1. D

    My chance of getting accepted into Pharmacy School

    I am an 18-year-old who is currently applying for a few pharmacy schools in Texas (UT Austin, Texas A&M, UHouston, and Texas Tech). I'm so nervous about admissions and was wondering if I should apply for more schools in case I got denied. Here are my stats: - I'm graduating with my Bachelor of...
  2. K

    Random PCAT 2019 questions!!

    Hi guys! I am scheduled to take the PCAT this July 2019 and had a couple questions. For the chemistry section, are calculators / periodic tables provided? I heard basic calculators are provided for certain questions, but Dr. Collins has a lot of practice questions that involve finding pH...
  3. J

    Pharmacy Application

    Hi. So I was wondering what you guys think of my chances at getting into pharmacy school based off my PCAT and current GPA. Obviously more goes into this, but I would like feedback on these aspects. I currently have a 3.784 GPA and still have to take orgo 1&2, microbio, biochem, and anatomy &...
  4. H

    Should I mention working for my uncle in my personal statement?

    So I am applying to pharmacy school. I don't have a lot of experience working in a retail pharmacy because my goal is to pursue a career in medical writing. My uncle is a medical writer so he let me shadow him as an "office assistant" for a year and a half while finishing my bachelor's degree...
  5. L

    Admission Chances?

    I have a 2.78 GPA and 74 PCAT score, what are my chances of getting into a school? If there is a chance how stellar do my other factors need to be? Constructive replies appreciated.
  6. EfeO7524

    For Sale Selling My Dr.Collins material for year 2015 with the updated version

    Hey future PharmD's, I am selling my Dr.Collins material for $190 with the update for 2017. email me at [email protected] for more information
  7. Kobethegoat24

    When should I apply for Pharmacy School ?

    I am trying to get as many people's opinion on this as possible. So I am a junior and have taken almost all my prerequisites except for Organic Chem 1 and 2 and anatomy (The most important ones). I need to take my PCAT by october of 2017 and apply between November and march deadline if i want to...
  8. Phoefe

    How long does it take for a Pharmacy School to receive the PharmCAS application?(after e-submitting)

    Hello! I recently submitted my PharmCAS application and I wonder how long it usually take for schools to receive it. I'm also waiting for the supplemental application, but it says I won't receive it until the school that I'm applying to has my PharmCAS application. Thanks!
  9. F

    Chances for Pharmacy School

  10. S

    Which Pharmacy school to pick?

    Hello everyone, This my first time using this forum. I got accepted into USC and Washington State University. I am waiting to hear back from 2 more schools. I know that USC has a really good ranking, reputation, research foundation, and strong alumni work. But the tuition is extremely high...
  11. youngsoo1269

    Getting into pharmacy School without a Bachelors Degree??

  12. jstar809

    Pharmacy waitlist and improving chances!

    Hey guys, I'm currently on the waitlist for 2 pharmacy schools in the top 10. I'm sort of assuming as of right now that I won't make the cut and will have to reapply. My question for you guys is, what ways can I improve for next year? Its better for me to assume now then to wait till August and...