1. Slippers

    Should I ask for a general or hospital-specific recommendation letter?

    So on PhORCAS, you can either email your preceptor a request for a general letter of rec that you can upload to each program you apply to. Or, you can ask them for hospital specific letters of recommendation (you email your preceptor a separate request for each program you are applying to)...
  2. S

    Chance me please!

    Hi guys! I would really appreciate if you all could chance me, give me advice about where I should apply, or help me out with what I can improve on! :) Background: Currently a junior at a four year public college in Virginia Majoring in nutrition/exercise science with a psychology minor sGPA...
  3. W

    Should I talk to my sr. tech about my problems as a new pharmacy technician?

    Short a sweet, I hate my job. I hate crying before every shift and stressing out about my job a day or even DAYS before going in! I hate that I am annoying and ask too many questions. I hate the feeling of worrying that I might get fired for sucking so bad. I hate coming in every day and having...
  4. D


    Decided to make this thread since it hasn't been made yet, anyone thinking of attending KGI? Or has anyone already been accepted?
  5. S

    Howard University accepted students

    Did anybody who interviewed this past saturday recieve an acceptance email yet? I know the admissions committee met on tuesday but I havent heard anything back yet. Getting nervous!
  6. rxboy1996

    FAFSA Pharmacy School

    How should I go about this? I plan on attending a private pharmacy school so in-state/out of state status doesn't exactly matter. But how do I go about getting the most funds? I am not aware of the major differences between financial aid in professional school vs. undergrad. I will have a...
  7. S

    Residencies leading to primary care

    I'm a P3 and am interested in a career in primary care, specifically diabetes management. I'm realizing that for the most part a residency is required to work in this field, but I have a couple of questions: 1. Is there a path to a career in primary care where a residency wouldn't be required...
  8. Sheneman

    Military Pharmacy Option

    I have been thinking about multiple routes I could take to pay off college, as well as have a career in the field of Pharmacy. In college I was approached by the Navy and the recruiter about a program they have where they provide you with a monthly stipend, pay off your college, and if I'm not...
  9. 2

    does cvs train their pharmacists to work at coram?

    for pharmacists that work at cvs: if you were interested in transitioning to home infusion/coram, how likely are you to get that job? does cvs have any training in home infusion? do you have a better chance of getting into Coram if you're already a pharmacist at cvs? what is it like working...
  10. J

    Selling: ProntoPass 2016 Combo (compounding, math, QUICKCARDS, posters, CD)

    Passed the New Naplex with a score of 95, very visual learner- these were great to supplement the RX Prep textbook & very easy to review! Great condition, flashcardsvisual not folded, in rubber band separated categories. Included: -ProntoPass® QUICKCARDS® with Memoronics® NAPLEX® (67 topics...
  11. Sheneman


    I am having trouble deciding between two schools. It is literally dead even. University of Houston College of Pharmacy has a ton of perks: +Brand new building for the incoming class of next year. +Texas Medical Center next door to COP +Tons of Research opportunies +Tons of Organizations/Pharmacy...
  12. R

    Emergency Medicine PGY-2

    Just wondering what everyone's thoughts are on good programs to pursue a PGY-2 in Emergency Medicine Pharmacy at. Personally, I've heard great things about Detroit, Grady, and Tampa, but what makes them great? Are there others? Thanks.
  13. heather25

    UCONN Interviews for Class of 2021

    Hey! So I applied through PharmCAS back in mid-late October. I did hear back from UCONN that they received my application and they asked for the additional coursework information. However it's been about 2 weeks and they still haven't gotten back to me if I have an interview or not. I am coming...
  14. Slippers

    Should you give your letter of intent for residency to the profs you choose to write your rec letter

    What if one of the people you want to write you a rec letter works at one of the programs you are applying to (and could potentially be involved in the selection of candidates there)? And, my letter of intent won't be 100% complete when/if I give it to my potential recommendation letter...