pharmcas deadline

  1. Alessandra20


    Hey everyone so i haven’t been able to get much confirmation from anyone but regarding the Fall Academic deadline for pharmcas, is that for applicants who haven’t been accepted yet or the latter? I got accepted and committed into my program in November 2021 but am still in my last semester of...
  2. Ske0016

    Is the Early Decision deadline the deadline for pharmCAS verifying my application or me submitting m

    I am applying to the early decision program at Auburn's Harrison School of Pharmacy. I submitted my application on July 19. However, one of the three schools I attended as an undergrad has given me a very hard time about sending my transcripts. They just sent my transcript yesterday and they...
  3. P

    PharmCAS: Ongoing class at UCB Extension so transcript was placed on hold; what do I do?

    Hello everyone! This is my first post so I'm hoping I'm doing this right lol I'm freaking out right about now. I thought I submitted everything to PharmCAS on time by the November 1st deadline. I requested all 4 of my transcripts at the end of September. It turns out one of them was placed on...
  4. Phoefe

    How long does it take for a Pharmacy School to receive the PharmCAS application?(after e-submitting)

    Hello! I recently submitted my PharmCAS application and I wonder how long it usually take for schools to receive it. I'm also waiting for the supplemental application, but it says I won't receive it until the school that I'm applying to has my PharmCAS application. Thanks!
  5. F

    Retaking PCAT in October/November for Pharmcas Dec 1,2016 Deadline.

    Guys I need some advice, I took the PCAT in July2016 and these were my scores: Essay: 2.5 BIOL: 82 CHEM: 96 QR:29 CR:16 COMP: 64 I haven't registered for the OCT/NOV PCAT because im unsure if I can retake it and be ready (PCAT results in pharmcas) for the Dec 1 2016 pharmcas deadline. What do...