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May 23, 2020
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Hey everyone so i haven’t been able to get much confirmation from anyone but regarding the Fall Academic deadline for pharmcas, is that for applicants who haven’t been accepted yet or the latter?
I got accepted and committed into my program
in November 2021 but am still in my last semester of university finishing up my prereqs and i noticed there was an academic deadline for my fall classes on pharmcas which confused because I was just going to submit my entire transcript once i finished all of my classes next week. My university did send me a letter of prereqs I need done when I was accepted but they gave me the deadline of May 2022. On Pharmcas, It shows that there is a deadline for June 30 for admitted students but what’s the point of the fall academic deadline exactly? does me not submitting it by the window have any affect on my acceptance? or is it only for people who haven’t been admitted to a university?

p.s: i did email my program and am waiting on their response, i just wanted to ask on here in case anyone has any info about this and can give me some closure 🙂 thanks!

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You not submitting in a timely matter can and does have an effect on your acceptance. If the university states May 2022, then that is your deadline. Exceptions can be made if for some reason your final transcripts are delayed at no fault of your own.

PharmCAS serves as a "middle-man" agency that is paid to take all of your information, put it in a nice easy format, and send it directly to your university. To better assist in keeping things tidy, the program could've arbitrarily placed a later deadline as a past request from previous academic cycles and reported this to PharmCAS (only speculating on this as many programs tend to not bother to update their deadlines in many other avenues...something you may find out in a few more years if you decide to pursue a residency).

Your best bet? Submit your final transcript once the semester is wrapped up. If you finish on a Friday, submit the following Monday (provided your classes have been updated on your student portal/account).
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