1. L

    OD graduate in the PH, thinking of going into Opticianry or OD in Canada

    Hello, everyone! I have recently graduated from one of the Optometry schools in the Philippines, and am looking into working in Canada. I believe it is not possible/easy to work there without taking a bridging program so I'm thinking of studying again. However, I'm not that confident in my...
  2. D

    USMLE step 1

    Good day, I know that most Filipino medical students who take the USMLE start taking the steps after completing the medical program in the Philippines. My question though, is for those who started the step before graduating. I see a lot of posts about having to take a semester off or taking...
  3. D


  4. F

    Cebu Institute of medicine 2018-2019!

    Hi there! Are there any other cebu institute of medicine (CIM) applicants/incoming freshmen for the year 2018-2019? I thought that It would be nice to share some information together before our school year starts. :) Cheers!
  5. D

    Life as a Medical Student at UST FMS, good? bad?

    Hi, I'm a final year undergraduate student studying for a BSc in Biological Sciences in Canada. Next year, I hope to apply to UST, St. Luke's, Fatima and UERM for medical school. I was wondering about what a day in a life looks like at UST FMS, what your impressions were like about the school...
  6. X

    NMAT 2017 (New York) - PH Medical Schools

    Hi there! I've been reading stuff on this site for years now but this is my first post. I'm a graduating senior at NYU, math major and pre-med, planning on going to med school in the Philippines (dual citizen). I was wondering if anyone here knows if the NMAT has a test date in New York for...
  7. Thinah

    Philippines: UST UERM etc Has anyone applied for the year 2017-2018?

    Hello guys, I'm a filipino american and I recently applied to UST, and now I'm in the process of applying to UERM. Has anyone applied to any Filipino Medical Schools either in the past or in the present? People here haven't been active as they were in the past and I'd like to hear your experiences!
  8. Eren McJaegar

    Philippine NMAT in LA 2015

    Hi everyone, I would just like to see if there are people out there looking to take the NMAT in LA this year on October 24. I'm from Canada looking to apply to the Philippines for medical school (aside from Canada). Thanks!