1. TheOnlinePharmacist

    Can't put my fingers on exactly what area I am interested it a bad look for letters of intent?

    I am a 4th year pharmacy student currently in my 6th APPE block and starting my journey applying to Pharmacy residencies around the country. As of right now, I have not been able to narrow down my interests to just one area; however, I am currently interested in managed care, infectious disease...
  2. L

    PhORCAS, number of hospitals for residency

    Do residency programs have access to how many programs we apply to on PhORCAS? (Before interview). If so, will they see it badly if I apply to too many hospitals?
  3. P

    Can experiences overlap in PhORCAS?

    If I did an activity where I had both leadership and service, can I list it under both leadership and service activities in PhORCAS?
  4. P

    When do you send PhORCAS emails to letters of reference writers?

    I'm applying for residencies, and I have already gathered people who are willing to be my references. However, I see that when putting your references in PhORCAS to generate the reference emails, there's a box that says you should provide your references with specifics about the programs you're...
  5. Slippers

    Question about entering community service on PhorCAS?

    Should I enter each individual volunteer activity as an individual experience? For example: -Walgreens flu clinic --3 hrs-- 6/6/12 - 6/6/12 (one time date) - charity event-- 2 hrs -- 6/7/12 - 6/7/12 (one time date) -blood pressure screening at pharmacy-- 2 hrs-- one time date OR should I just...
  6. Slippers

    Should I ask for a general or hospital-specific recommendation letter?

    So on PhORCAS, you can either email your preceptor a request for a general letter of rec that you can upload to each program you apply to. Or, you can ask them for hospital specific letters of recommendation (you email your preceptor a separate request for each program you are applying to)...
  7. C

    Phorcas Formatting Issue?

    Is it possible that the formatting of my CV and my letter of intent could have been changed when my application was officially submitted? I swear when I uploaded it and reopened the uploads (before officially submitting) they looked exactly as they should. I saw a program pull out a copy of my...
  8. J

    Responding to interview invites

    I have received an invitation to interview with a program that is located in my city; the problem is they would like me to list preference interview dates and I have yet to hear from 12 programs, 10 of which are out of state (2 have stated I will be informed ~18th). So my question is: How do I...