1. I

    Accepted to medical school! PLEASE help me decide where to go!

    Hello, everyone. I feel super fortunate to have gotten two acceptances to medical school this year, to the University of California Riverside, and the University of Colorado Anschutz. Since I am a southern California native, I thought going to UCR would be an easy decision if I were to get in...
  2. N

    Choosing the right pre-med university.

    Hello, I got accepted into Texas Tech (Biology Major) and University of Texas at San Antonio (Biology Major). Which university will help me pursue my end-goal which is Medical school/ dream Medical school which is Baylor Medical. Moreover, taking these following points below into...
  3. M

    Chances at Residency

    Hi everyone, I started at one of the big 3 Caribbean med schools right after high school. I'm not American but I did intend on applying to MATCH. Its too late to rectify some of the choices I made but long story short I basically had to repeat all of M2 (terms 4 and 5) because of failing...
  4. F

    Questions & Concerns: Clincal/Non-Clinical Volunteering, Shadowing

    Okay so, here is my dilemma atm. I may just be over thinking this, but I want to have all my bases covered. Better to start sooner rather than later I suppose. Anyways, a few years ago I volunteered at a veterinarian office and helped comfort pets as they were coming off of the effects of...
  5. F

    The MCAT: Where TF do I start?

    Hi guys, I've been dealing with a lot lately, trying to get myself calmed down before college starts back up in a week (Senior I). I may take a few days just to compose myself before sprinting into worrying about yet another standardized test (which have been an nemesis of mine in the...
  6. F

    Online Undergrad, In Person Prereqs, Please Help

    Hi all, In May, I will graduate with a 4 year degree in psychology. After that, I plan on applying to med school. Here is my issue. I have done my entire degree online at a 4 year college. My prerequisite science courses will be taken in person at a community college along with the labs...
  7. F

    I really just need help.

    I apologize if this isn't in the right place. I am completely new to this website as far as posting goes. I am also sorry in advance for the extrondinarily long post. I am currently in the middle of a breakdown, so bare with me if you can. I truly feel lost. This past year has been insanely...
  8. rummie93

    What Should I do with my life?

    I am now applying for a third year in a row (my first application was too late, so I really consider this a second year application). I am 22 years old, and my application highlights are: 30 MCAT (10,10,10), 3.85 cGPA, 3.83 sGPA, BA in Biochemistry. >85 hours shadowing 1700 hours Americorps...