1. M

    Gap Year / Postgraduate Study Plans

    I am having a hard time deciding what to do with my time before applying to medical schools, and would like advice on a few questions. First, some background on myself: I will be graduating in December 2021 with a bachelor's degree in biomedical sciences from a 4 year US institution. I have...
  2. kavityking

    Graduate Program Applications

    Hello, I was wondering what people's opinions are on the matter of applying to programs where the directors don't even bother replying to emails asking about the program. Do you think that is a bad sign? I am honestly very surprised at some of the program directors—they mention on PASS that a...
  3. try1ng

    Finishing prereq at University of Houston Downtown

    Hi everyone, I'm a pre-dent who is one year out of college. I got my bachelor's at Rice University and have finished all my prereqs except Orgo 2 which I plan to take July-August at University of Houston Downtown (4 year school). My question is will dental schools regard UH Downtown as a bad...
  4. lioness413

    Taking Non-Degree Online Courses for GPA boost

    Hey everyone. I just graduated this spring and I'm applying for vet school right now but I'm not thrilled with my GPA (3.34) so I'm worried I won't get in my first time. I've heard about people taking community college courses to boost their GPAs post-graduation but the community colleges near...
  5. H

    Getting PostGrad Therapy Hours

    Hi All, I have an MA in Counseling, and am licensed as an LPC (the intern level license) in Illinois. I'm looking for a way to get postgrad supervised hours in a way that will let me avoid doing 100 percent case management and won't get me killed. Let me explain... My last job, with a respected...
  6. westsfootball

    Honors College or Graduate with Honors and double major?

    Hello, I'm at the University of Oregon right now and currently enrolled in the Honors College. However, I don't really like the Honors College and would rather double major in something that I do like (which would be economics). Does having "Honors College" on your resume and transcript matter...