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    Experience Section on PTCAS

    Hello, I wanted some advice as to what everyone would constitute as being an "Experience" for the experience portion of the PTCAS application. I've participated in a multitude of practicums during my undergrad time, all in which have provided me with great experience with a large range of...
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    # of practica prior to internship?

    I'm a 2nd year student currently on my 1st external practicum. I'm interested in neuropsychology, but not sure if I want to have a specific NP practicum next year- I want to develop my therapy skills further. My current site has actually been great for assessments (already done several...
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    Recent grads licensed in WA-Practicum Hrs for WA Licensure- What Counts? Coming From Out-of-State

    Hi everyone! I am currently a pre-doctoral intern and finishing my last few months of internship...so close to degree conferral. I completed my training in Oregon and just accepted a job with a group practice in WA as license-eligible with the plan to get licensed immediately after internship. I...
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    How much does practicum affect internship?

    How much does practicum experience (specifically the setting) determine where it would be "wise" to apply for internship? My dilemma is I would like to apply to prisons and hospitals. However, my first practicum was at a VA at an SMI clinic. Second year I was at a private practice conducting...
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    Need Help Choosing Practicum Placement Please!

    Hello friends! I am new to the thread and joined to get some help deciding between a more specialized practicum vs. general practicum in my PhD. Typically, is it recommended to start with general practicums first and then specialize (spending 1-year doing assessments and ABA intervention with...
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    How to rank/choose 1st externship

    Question for upperclassmen/psychologists. My end goal, as of now, is to be a neuropsychologist. I'm a 1st year PhD student in the nyc area and am participating in the "match" for my 1st externship for next year. I will need to have neuropsych externships 3rd & 4th year, so for next year, what...
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    George Mason University, MS in Nutrition

    Hi all, I wasn't sure where exactly to post this since it's not quite Pre-Med and there isn't a separate forum for Nutrition either-- I guess "Pre-Health" is the best way to label where I am right now. In any case, I'm interested in pursuing the MS in Nutrition program at George Mason...
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    MSW How can I (prepare to) achieve my clinical specialty dreams (Mindfulness,adolescents)?

    I am planning on applying to (primarily online) MSW programs next year. I worry that my clinical interests (mindfulness with adolescents and young adults) won't be matched during MSW practicum. How can I create my own / find suitable opportunities? Thank you!
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    PhD/PsyD practicum decision

    Hi all! I need a little help making a decision for my 4th year prac. I will be applying for internship in November so I just want to make myself as competitive as possible for a hospital-type adult setting coming from a PsyD program. I have two practicum offers and there's no way I can do...
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    Forensics and practicum sites

    I just applied to practicum sites for my first year as a prac student. Our program tells us to aim for a generalist site, which I agree with, but so far have been getting interviews with specialized severe mental illness at hospitals and the VA. My goal for internship is to get a Forensic site...