1. C

    Letter of Rec

    Hi I recently did research, but it wasn't through my university, it was at prestigious hospital nearby. I have a good relationship with my PI and she offered to write me a LOR for med school. While I know its better to have than not, does this fulfill any of the minimum requirements though...
  2. HeavyDutyBinder

    WAMC - DO schools only. cGPA & sGPA 3.21, MCAT 504

    Hello, I am applying broadly to DO schools. Would greatly appreciate feedback! Here's more detail: 1) AACOMAS cGPA & sGPA 3.21 2) MCAT 504, 127 C/P, 124 CARS, 126 B/B, 127 P/S 3) Worked 2 part time jobs through undergraduate career and worked ~18 hours/week during grad program 4) Really...
  3. TheRealCookieMonster

    Applying to med school as a med student?

    Does anyone know: If you are in medical school can you then apply to a different medical school? Not a transfer just a totally new start? I realize this sounds insane...
  4. M

    Clinical Experience

    Hi All, Thank you for your time! I'm currently a lead research assistant in clinical pharmacy (~1000 hours). This has me exposed to a surprising variety of medical settings and clinicians. Two posters, three publications so far. ln this position, I don't have a ton of hands-on patient...
  5. theletterB


  6. HalluxSlicer

    LMU MS 2017-2018 Cycle

    I was accepted 1 week ago for Biomedical Professions program and are heavily leaning towards LMU because I heard a lot of good reviews from past students; the matriculation rate from MS to DCOM is relatively high, transfer of GMA and Neuroanatomy credits to DCOM once acceptance, and guaranteed...
  7. S


  8. Armyhealth

    Health Professions Scholarship Program

    Here to answer any questions you may have on HPSP for medical school. Let me help answer any questions you may have! I am a Army Healthcare Recruiter so I can only tell you about the Army but I will do my best to only give you only researched and honest answers. I have someone who is going...
  9. X


  10. W

    Question if EC's are enough

    Hello, fellow SDN'ers. Sorry to bother everyone but I have been feeling hesitant and confused. My sGPA is a 3.55 and cGPA of about 3.45, and I received an MCAT score of 505. I am going to apply this upcoming cycle(2017-2018). However, I do not know if my EC's are enough. I will have 200+ hours...
  11. C

    Institutional Action

    Hi! I am fairly new to sdn, and would like some advice on my issue here. I've looked at a lot institutional action threads but couldn't find one exactly like mine. I wanted to talk about how and if I should disclose my "institutional action" and how badly you think this would affect my chances...