pre med advisor

  1. Buffalo Hunter

    MD I need Advice

    I am looking for advice on the school list and where to improve. Undergrad cGPA/sGPA: 4.0/4.0 Graduate: 3.57 (good state school) MCAT: 511 (129/124/129/129) Texas resident URM Male (30 years old) + immigrant (recently became a permanent resident) Undergraduate: Low-tier HBCU Clinical...
  2. S

    Concerns about a pre-requirement for medical school my grade

    Hello everyone I have a question I have an 83% in English research composition but I failed one of my essays with a 58% the essays are worth 15% of my grade I have right now in this class without the essay I have an 83% but I have two more essays left plus a reflection assignment that worth 10%...
  3. agentfaithmd

    Pre-Med Advisor Meeting

    Hey guys, I'm back: So, I got admitted to SHSU's Biomedical Science undergraduate degree, and since I applied for their pre-med track, I was told to set up an appointment with their pre-med advisor. I'll be talking with her on the 21st. What should I expect? I'm clueless to this process and...
  4. F

    MCAT courses

    I'm a pre med freshman. I need to know what classes I need to take for the MCAT. I know I have to take General Biology 1&2, General Chemistry 1-3, Organic Chemistry 1&2, Physics 1-2, Biochemistry, Sociology, Psychology. But do I need to take statistics? Should I take statistics instead of...
  5. K

    When should I apply?

    Hi SDN community! This is my first time posting on this website, and I have a question about the best time for me to apply. Up until recently I switched from Pre Physical Therapy to Pre Med. Im finishing my first semester of junior year. I plan on taking the MCAT during the first week of...
  6. F

    No pre med advisor at my university

    My friend doesn't have a pre med advisor in her university and I'm fairly sure I read about the AMCAs providing more specific info/advising to these sorts of students, but I can't find any good hits on google or the older posts on here so any info on it will be super helpful.