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  1. MDinthemaking0324

    FDU MHS Gateway to Professional Studies

    Hello, Does anyone know anything about this program or this school (Fairleigh Dickinson University)? I don't see any forums on it except for pharmacy. The link for the program is below. Thank you...
  2. R

    UT Austin VS UT Dallas

    Hey everyone. I'm in kind of a dilemma. I've been accepted into UT Dallas with full tuition scholarship and a $3000/semester stipend. My question is, how is the Pre-Med advising and program at UTD? What is the difference in opportunities (research, volunteering, shadowing, etc.) between both...
  3. J

    Chances at MD

    Hi y'all, I was wondering if someone could tell me my chances... I know, another thread like this. However, I would really appreciate information, honestly, based upon my personal profile. 23 year old Colorado resident Studied integrative physiology at CU Boulder with a minor in Spanish and a...
  4. A

    Under represented/ good story

    I've seen a lot of people here talk about under represented students or students with a compelling story have a higher chance at some schools. Is this more or less true? For the story, what if its fairly personal but important? Like grew up broke, had to work for everything, had parent...
  5. R

    Bio Education Major good or bad for med school

    I'm a biology education major with a minor in physical science education. Here are what I perceive as being pros: 1. I'll learn to work with kids and get experience working with kids. I'm pretty sure I want to be a pediatrician. 2. I'll have a clear career path if I decide not to go into...
  6. D

    Regulation/General BS in Medicine vs Dentistry

    I have read through a few prior threads but I believe I may be having what one would call a "coming to Jesus" moment. I have graduated college with all my pre-med classes taken, and have I believe around a 3.75 GPA, 33 old MCAT. I have been working as a scribe in a hospital for almost a year...