pre-pharmacy admission

  1. P

    Chances to getting into good pharmacy schools? Success stories?

    Hi all. I really want to go to a good California pharmacy school like USC, UCSF, or UCSD. I am a well-rounded student but my GPA isn't super stellar. I have a 2.8 cumulative and 2.6 for math and science. In terms of my extracurriculars, I'm part of the Pre-pharm club at my school and served as...
  2. A

    I listed lab and lecture combined classes on PharmCAS

    I listed biology and human and anatomy classes as lab and lecture combined classes on PharmCAS and I made sure on everything before I completed the finalization. But when I downloaded my application flies to schools I applied for, these classes are shown as lecture-only classes. I don't know...
  3. P

    future decision question,

  4. I

    CU Denver Skaggs SOP Class of 2022

    Hi everyone!!! I haven’t seen any threads for this cycle for applying and wanted to see if anyone has gotten any interviews?? I got an email for an invitation and I chose the November 3 day. Anyone have any advice for preparation? Or know what the day is like?
  5. J

    Hot Topics in Pharmacy

    Does anyone know of hot topics going on in the pharmacy world? I'm sure this thread would benefit all prepharm student with their interviews.
  6. C

    Advice for MMI Interview?

    Hey everyone, I have an interview coming up soon that's MMI. Does anyone have any advice for this type of school interview? Thanks!
  7. N

    Low GPA, Chances of getting Into Pharmacy School

    Hello, I recently decided to become a pharmacist after 7 years of deliberation in what area of the medical field i wanted to get a career in; ultimately my goal is to work as a pharmacist in the U.S. Army. As a political refugee in the U.S. I had a lot of family responsibilities when i...
  8. bschaefer97

    Worried about grades/chances..

    Hello all, I just bombed a test in O Chem II, and I was just wondering how everything shaped up so far grade- and EC-wise. This has likely been covered in a different thread, if so, just LMK and I will check it out. Just a bit worried about how this bad chem grade will affect my chances. For...
  9. D

    chance me, please!

    Hey so if someone could give some good info about the PCAT changes and how to study for them... Im currently studying collins and Kaplan, but I still feel really underprepared... Anyway, moving on... Biology degree- 3.77 cGPA/ 3.84. science GPA Taking the PCAT in July, but would like to know...
  10. P

    Will 2 C minuses prevent me from applying?

    Hello everyone! I am going to apply for Pharmacy school this coming summer. I found that some schools do not take C-'s and that some schools say all pre-req's have to be a "C or better" (without specifications on C-). I have two C minuses in both OChem I and OChem II from sophomore year. My...
  11. F

    Personal Statement

    Any one available and willing to read my personal statement? It would be greatly appreciated! Happy holidays :-)
  12. F

    Chances for Pharmacy School

  13. jstar809

    Pharmacy waitlist and improving chances!

    Hey guys, I'm currently on the waitlist for 2 pharmacy schools in the top 10. I'm sort of assuming as of right now that I won't make the cut and will have to reapply. My question for you guys is, what ways can I improve for next year? Its better for me to assume now then to wait till August and...
  14. N

    DR COLLINS 2015 PCAT Review for SALE!!

    Hey guys! I am selling my Dr Collins PCAT Review! It is last years edition (2015). Looks brand new..no marks or writing on it! Email me at [email protected] for more info if you are interested :)
  15. 1

    2015 Really need help. Can I get into pharmacy school?

    Hi all, I am in a predicament and I'm not quite sure how to salvage the situation. I am currently a junior bio major at my state university, and I have been on and off academic probation for my entire college career. I did extremely well in high school. I have a strong chance of getting...