1. bashful-llama

    Applying to IM as backup, ok to apply categorical and Prelim at same place?

    Hello, I saw some previous advice on this question that was 4-5 years old so I wanted to post again and see if opinions had changed. I am a 4th year student applying to an advanced specialty and then using IM as my backup. Can I apply to an IM categorical position and a prelim position at the...
  2. D

    IMG need advice/experience in prelim application & SOAP success rate

    I'm a non-US IMG, potentially no visa needed, with good scores (step1 255~260, step2 265~270, CS first pass) applying for neurology&radiology this year. YOG 4 years, has a bunch of first author publication in decent journals. Got some great interview invitations from advanced residency programs...
  3. D

    How to go about applying to transitional year vs. prelim medicine programs?

    Hi all, Current M4 here planning on going into anesthesia. So I have been trying to figure out how go about applying to transitional years vs prelim medicine programs, and am having trouble finding information online. It seems that TY years are more "cush," but at the same time, I will have to...
  4. D

    How to prepare to apply for ESIR? What should someone on the fence about IR do?

    I know there is information about the changes to DR/IR programs in various forms all over the internet and I've read most of them. I am trying to understand what the correct choices are for a student who is interested in radiology and possibly IR but not ready to commit fully to an integrated IR...
  5. D

    DR vs. ESIR vs. IR as it relates to subinternship/prelim years

    I know there is information about the changes to DR/IR programs in various forms all over the internet and I've read most of them. I am trying to understand what the correct choices are for a student who is interested in radiology and possibly IR but not ready to commit fully to an integrated IR...
  6. G

    Applying Prelim alone vs Prelim+Rads

  7. YesIeyecanD

    Help- PGY1 interview without ERAS?

    Hey y'all :hello: So...Do you know how this ERAS thing works? If I match into a residency position somewhere (:xf:) but didn’t apply for a prelim year there through ERAS, can I still interview for a prelim year there? I have heard some rumors that this is the case but wanted to see if any of...
  8. Anesthesia_IMG_24789

    Question about applying to preliminary year programs

    Hello, I am applying to a specialty that may likely require a preliminary year. I understand that I need to apply to preliminary spots separately. I would also like to apply to categorical IM sports as well as a back up. Can I apply to a prelim spot and a categorical spot at the same program...
  9. M

    Program Specific Questions

    If one wants to get into an Endo or Heme-Onc fellowship and wants to have some clinical research done...? The facilities are allegedly in the top 5 in the US, and it's near Boston, and it is affiliated with UMass...anyone really wanting to train there? Thanks for the input. (This post is not for...
  10. S

    Position Wanted PGY1 IM (C)/(P), FM, or TY wanted

    Hi I am US citizen, recent graduate, strong application but unique situation put me off need of Internal Medicine, Prelim/Transitional Year PGY1 position if available anywhere please message me. Flexible with location.
  11. I

    Position Wanted Seeking PGY-1 in FM, IM, Prelim or TRI

    Hardworking and passionate IMG with ECFMG certification. Permanent Resident status. Willing to relocate anywhere in the US. Give me a chance and I will not disappoint you. Thanks for your consideration.
  12. F

    Does intern year really mean anything

    I'm trying to set up my match list for TY years and basically have it between MSKCC - which is a somewhat more involved, labor-intensive and rigorous TY - vs. a very relaxed community hospital TY in my home state. I'd love to have people weigh in on what they think the TY year means in regards...
  13. T

    Memorial Healthcare system for Internship

    Hello, I interviewed at Memorial Healthcare System (Florida) for a prelim IM position. This is a new program and their first class will start in June 2018. I really liked the program and hospital when I interviewed there but obviously I am a little bit worried since it is a new program. The PD...
  14. I

    2017-2018 Prelim/Transitional year swap thread

    Thought this might be the time to start this I'll start: USER // NAME OF PROGRAM // SCHEDULED DATE // DATE TO SWAP TO iMedic //Newton-Wellesley Transitional Year// Scheduled date: Dec 5th // Want to swap to: Any day in January (will compensate!) Please bold the latest addition to the list and...
  15. W

    I have no interviews. What should I be doing?

    US med student from mid tier school. My Step I was bad, my Step II a little below average, and I am in the bottom quartile for grades, but wanted to try because I fell in love with the field. I'm not ready to totally give up yet but want to start preparing in anticipation of SOAP. Is there any...
  16. A

    Neuro Prelim - PLEASE HELP!

    Hey guys, I'm a US-IMG applying this year and I really need help. Not much guidance from my school and a little pressed for time with apps this week - any advice asap would be very helpful! I had 3 main questions: 1. If I'm applying to Neuro and IM programs, is it bad to apply to prelim IM at...
  17. A

    Position Wanted PGY1 Preliminary position Surgery or IM, Very good scores

    I'm an IMG ECFMG certified, USMLE scores: 251, 267, CS pass 1st attempt, 4 months of US clinical experience. Was late to apply for last match, I'm looking for a position in prelim PGY1 in surgery, medicine, or any specialty. will apply to radiology next year
  18. V

    Position Wanted PGY-2 or R1

    Hi, I matched intro IM Prelim this year and I'm looking for any PGY-2 in IM or R1 seat for the next year. I have green card and I have no geographic preference. I have decent scores. Please let me know if there is any seat available. Thanks.
  19. C

    Partially matched Help

    Hello all, I got matched to an anesthesiology advanced program. I could not get a match to preliminary position. I tried during soap but did not even get a call (I am and IMG). Since then I have been trying to call all programs and email them. Most of them do not revert, some do and mention...
  20. S

    New England Prelims??

    Hi - Wondering if there are any opinions on NE area prelim years: UConn, Brown, Lahey, UMass. Thoughts? Feelings? Warnings? Etc?
  21. D

    prelim or TY to delay match so I can couples match the next year

    I am a third year and my SO is a second year. We want to end up in the same city and would ideally couples match if we were in the same year. Apart from taking a year to get another degree (MPH/MBA/whatever) 0r research, is it possible for me to do a prelim/ty year (given im considering programs...
  22. S

    Position Wanted Internal Med PGY1/Prelim/transition yr available?

    Does anyone know of a program that has an available Internal medicine PGY1, prelim or even transitional year position available?
  23. C

    Surgery 2017 probability of matching

    US citizen IMG Step1 239 step2 268 CS pass all first time graduate this coming year, no time gaps in my resume. Research experience, case report and several projects under current investigation but not in time for publication by the time applications are due. 2 years of research at Quillen...
  24. H

    5 prelim/transitional interviews so far... Should I be worried?

    Hi, I am currently a 4th year med student applying to derm programs. Although I have several derm interviews so far, I only have 3 prelim and 2 transitional interviews. I had two more interview invitations but had to cancel them as they conflicted with my derm interviews and it was impossible...
  25. E

    BUMC: 11/20 Interview Switch

    If anyone is willing to take my 11/20 date at BU (prelimary medicine) for 1/15, please message me! I will give you virtual cookies.
  26. E

    2015-2016 Prelim Medicine/Transitional Year Interviews

    Hey guys, just getting this started to mirror last year's thread. Bold = newly added. Good luck to all! Pennsylvania [TY] Mercy Catholic Medical Center. Notified 9/18
  27. N

    Maimonides Internal Medicine Preliminary Year 2015