1. P

    Best affordable, portable MSK ultrasound?

    starting a new practice and overwhelmed with start up costs! Looking for advice on which is a good, affordable , lightweight ultrasound for pain procedures. Will look at used and refurbished since I probably can’t afford brand new. Thank you in advance!
  2. P

    Neurology but drawn to procedural specialties

    I really enjoyed our neurology block and am attracted by the great job market for neurology, but I see myself in a procedure-heavy specialty. Great work/life balance is also important to me. I want to enjoy (enough) what I do at work but also have plenty of time outside of work for hobbies...
  3. I

    Standard Operating procedure of the Pharmacy Investigation and Research Department

    I am currently on my drug policy APPE rotation and my longitudinal project is to create another standard operating policy and procedure document that will guide the pharmacy Investigation and research department of the hospital.The last document has not being updated since the year 2013. I...
  4. lets_operate

    Surgical Procedure Resources

    Does anyone know of any good surgical procedure resources out there? What I'm looking for is a video database of different procedures, kind of like JoVE but for surgery Thanks!
  5. P

    Learning curve for bedside procedures

    new resident here in surgery. Yesterday was my first experience in bedside femoral vein lines and it was not fun. My paranoia of hitting the artery resulted in me having my junior stick it. Granted the patient has a plt level of 7.. just wanted to ask more senior ppl how long it took them to...
  6. mdvm

    Intro to Veterinary Medicine Book Recommendation

    I am working at a veterinary hospital as a veterinary assistant, and all the assistants and techs are far more knowledgeable than they were at my old hospital, so I was hoping to find a good all around textbook that goes over many of the basics of veterinary medicine. Things like anatomy, basic...
  7. moose786

    Lab Procedures - DAT

    Hey all, Anyone have a compilation of all (or most) of the lab procedures we need to know for the DAT - mainly for Organic Chemistry and General Chemistry. I know that Bootcamp has a PDF with a table of all the procedures. However, everything is pretty much new to me (have not taken Orgo lab...
  8. jk222

    Help!Urgent! Need to know Procedure to get Medical certificate from rguhs!

    Hey everyone, I finished my MBBS degree from Kolar (SDUMC) in 2011, I transferred back to the states for my internship (im a US citizen). After 3 years MCI FINALLY gave me NOC for my transfer. Rguhs wouldn't give me my degree without that NOC. Now I need to go apply for my MBBS degree...
  9. maouzk

    For anyone in need of help with NBDE part 1 + 2

    Hi everyone, I have recently cleared my NBDE part 2 earlier this year and part 1 late last year. if anyone needs help or has any questions would be happy to answer as best i can.