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    Virtual Open House- Psychiatry Residency- The Zucker School of Medicine/Northwell Health at Mather Hospital Psychiatry Residency Program

    Hello Applicants! The Zucker School of Medicine/Northwell Health at Mather Hospital Psychiatry Residency Program would like to cordially invite you to our Virtual Open House on Thursday October 15th, 2020 at 3pm-345pm EST at Join Microsoft Teams Meeting We will have our program leadership and...
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    Position Wanted PGY1 or PGY2 Psych position anywhere

    Please message me if any open positions
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    Psych Post AOA match

    Are there any positions left? I looked on the AOA post match site and didn't even see psych listed as a specialty
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    Anyone know anything about the psych residency program at Yale?

    Hi there, I'm just wondering psych training at Yale or Harvard, what does it take to get in? I'm an IMG but I'm american. There is one program I'm really interested in. It's an advocacy training pathway which aligns with my future career goals. I'll be doing my USMLEs after graduating this...
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    Position Swap Psych PGY2 (preferred) DFW Area Swap to Houston area PGY2 or PGY3 (2019)

    Looking to transfer to Houston Psych. If interested please reply. Looking to swap due to family illness.
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    No invites since my Step 2 CS retake pass.

    The title says most of it. I am an AM MD Senior and I received a new CS grade of pass on Oct 10 previously failed. My Step 1: >245 and CK > 245, with 3 clerkship honors, no negative comments in my MSPE narrative. I only have 3 invites and all were in before my pass. I have sent letters and...
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    Opinions about Rosalind Franklin Residency Program?

    I recently interviewed at this program and seemed to like it but the PGY3 that showed us around seemed extremely jaded and didn't really have anything nice to say about the program (mentioned that this program wasn't even on his top 5 while ranking and it was his backup!). The other 2 PGY1's we...
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    My future looks dark and need advice

    Hello everyone, I just created this account, but I have been following this forum for a long time. First I want to tell you that I find this forum so helpful and feel like this is one big family, and I am glad to be a member of it, thank you all! Let me tell my situation. I am an IMG graduated...
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    MD Activities like writing and physician interviewing: would they count for residency?

    Greetings all, I am an Img from India. I shall be taking my Step 1 exam this october and wish to apply for the 2019 match. My interest is psychiatry. I wanted to know if my activities related to writing and interviewing physicians could add value to my profile as a residency applicant. Over the...
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    Is USMLE worth writing?

    Hi If you're interested in taking the USMLE and applying for a residency program in Obstetrics and gynecology, what's the probability of getting in, especially if you're from an African country, what are the problems encountered, and which is easier to get a placement in, Psychiatry or...
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    Step 3 exam scheduled! How should I study?!

    Hey everyone, Little background information about me....I am an IMG, currently in my 3rd year of psychiatry residency training. I took step 3 once, back in March 2016 and didn't pass (188). I am scheduled for my second attempt at this exam and I'm freaking out! I passed all my other USMLEs on...
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    Competitive residencies

    Hi, I'm a non-trad considering going the D.O. route interested in psychiatry. I'm curious: to what extent does a D.O. degree disadvantage applicant prospects for admission to psychiatry & child & adolescent psychiatry residencies? With board scores comparable M.D. student averages & strong...
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    beat the boards group discount

    Is anyone putting together a group in order to receive a discount on the beat the boards online content? I would like to join. I heard that if you have more than 20 people then you get a pretty good discount of 50%.
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    Step 2 Timing and Competitive Psych residencies

    I keep finding mixed information on when to take Step 2 CK, in particular if I want to apply to a competitive Psych residency (UCSF, Stanford, UCLA, Yale, Harvard - MGH, UNC, NY Presb-Cornell, NY Presb-Columbia, MUSC, Emory, Duke). When should I take Step 2 CK? Step 1 was 241, I have a good...
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    KUMC Psychiatry

    I used the search bar, couldn't find any threads about KUMC in Kansas City. I interviewed at the program and really liked it. Everyone seemed pretty happy. Had a pretty good "gut feeling" after leaving the interview. I know SDN relentlessly hates Carib-IMGs, which this program is packed full...
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    U Arizona - Phoenix (Banner)

    Hi all, I interviewed at this program , but I don't remember a lot of the details. Does anyone have any more info on the didactic schedule (is it really only 1-hr daily), the call schedule? General impressions? Does it matter that it's an academic program? The quality of teaching on the psych...