1. D

    Improving patient care

    Hello! As a mental healthcare professional, one of the things that I feel would be very useful to improving my patient care is to improve the collaborate care model, allowing patients more agency (aka let them navigate the ship), and improving data collection of their symptomatology over a...
  2. E

    Time offset for supervision hours provided for faculty psychologists?

    Hello. My team is negotiating with our department about clinical hours expectations and we are looking to provide comparisons to other sites. I'd love to hear from psychologists in clinical practice (especially academic medical centers or similar sites, ie VAs) what your weekly clinical hours...
  3. D

    Ph.D. In Clinical Psychology

    I currently go to a community college and I will be earning an associates of arts and then transfering to a local four year university and majoring in Psychology. I would like to get my Ph.D. in clinical psychology right after I earn my bachelors degree. Another four year university an hour away...
  4. Instawell

    Mental Health Counselors/Helpers needed: Work from home

    Inviting all mental health/psychology/counseling students and graduates: I would like to invite you to Instawell, an online marketplace for self-help plans by mental health professionals. Plans are week-long online courses with personalised advice from certified professionals. I believe it...
  5. D

    Online Graduate Degrees: Good Enough?

    I'm new to these forums and need some advice. I'm currently a senior in my psychology bachelors (graduating in May 2017). The closest grad schools for psychology are 40 minutes to an hour away. Because of this, I would prefer to get my master's and Psy.D online. My issue is that two psychology...
  6. A

    Medical school vs graduate school decision

    I am an almost graduated senior with a bs in biology and psychology trying to decide between medical school for psychiatry (possibly child and adolescent) or grad school for clinical psychology. If grad school, I would prefer the psyD route since I'm more interested in clinical practice than...