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  1. D

    Ph.D. In Clinical Psychology

    I currently go to a community college and I will be earning an associates of arts and then transfering to a local four year university and majoring in Psychology. I would like to get my Ph.D. in clinical psychology right after I earn my bachelors degree. Another four year university an hour away...
  2. Instawell

    Mental Health Counselors/Helpers needed: Work from home

    Inviting all mental health/psychology/counseling students and graduates: I would like to invite you to Instawell, an online marketplace for self-help plans by mental health professionals. Plans are week-long online courses with personalised advice from certified professionals. I believe it...
  3. D

    Online Graduate Degrees: Good Enough?

    I'm new to these forums and need some advice. I'm currently a senior in my psychology bachelors (graduating in May 2017). The closest grad schools for psychology are 40 minutes to an hour away. Because of this, I would prefer to get my master's and Psy.D online. My issue is that two psychology...
  4. A

    Medical school vs graduate school decision

    I am an almost graduated senior with a bs in biology and psychology trying to decide between medical school for psychiatry (possibly child and adolescent) or grad school for clinical psychology. If grad school, I would prefer the psyD route since I'm more interested in clinical practice than...