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Dec 22, 2017
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Inviting all mental health/psychology/counseling students and graduates:

I would like to invite you to Instawell, an online marketplace for self-help plans by mental health professionals. Plans are week-long online courses with personalised advice from certified professionals.

I believe it will provide a great platform for you to reach out to more people all over the world, and you can commit as much or as little time as you’d like! :)

Becoming an Instawell Helper
We require only three things to become an Instawell Helper.
  1. Be a certified professional in the kind of help you want to offer
  2. Create one/more short, custom courses (plans) for one of the trending categories in our community
  3. Be available on chat at least twice a day (whenever someone buys your plan), as per client requirements
Benefits of the Instawell Platform
  • Our distribution network spans all major app stores, professional and personal chat apps across various industries
  • Painless transactions with transparent analytics
  • Moderated and friendly marketplace
To get started, go to: You've been invited to try out Instawell!.

Do get in touch for any questions/feedback!

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