1. Stagg737

    Cyproheptadine for sexual side effects

    So I've had a few VA patients lately who have been a bit unique in terms of medications and was hoping to get some input on people's experience with Cyproheptadine, as I have some questions about it that my supervising attending hasn't been able to answer (overall he's great, but just doesn't...
  2. Heist


    Hello, Thank you in advance for your help on this. My patient is seeing a therapist who does Brainspotting. I am more familiar with EMDR than this. Is Brainspotting a good treatment for someone with PTSD with evidence? FAQs on brainspotting...
  3. D

    Participate in my Study Seeking to Understand Parents of Adolescents with Co-Occurring PTSD and Addiction and get a $20 Target Giftcard!

    Research Participation Opportunity! My name is Jocelyn Kressler and I am a psychology doctoral candidate at Adler University. I am completing a study that seeks to understand the lived experience of parents of adolescents who currently have (or have ever had) a diagnosis of PTSD and currently...
  4. Alemo

    Borderline personality and PTSD

    Maybe I’m way off base here, but I seem to recall hearing that borderline and PTSD are closely related, with some speculating that the two disorders are on a spectrum with each other. In my (very limited) clinical experience I have seen a few patients mostly veterans who have a significant...
  5. P

    Clinical Psychology PhD - Trauma/PTSD Focus

    Hello, I am looking to apply to Clinical Psychology PhD programs and am interested in finding faculty that have research focuses in PTSD, trauma, and emotion dysregulation. Even better would be a PI that also utilizes MRI. Any guidance/information would be appreciated!
  6. F

    PhD/PsyD Clinical Psych PhD Programs with Trauma Treatment Centers and/or Certificates

    Hi everyone! As a future clinical psychologist, I am hoping to specialize in PTSD treatment. The SDN forums about programs with advisors doing trauma research and the APA Division 56 list of programs have been very helpful. I am curious if you all know of any PhD clinical programs that have...
  7. E

    Dear psychiatrists please answer , why doesn't my psychiatrist start my ptsd treatment?

    I was diagnosed with complex ptsd , I read about it on the internet that the best and most effective treatment is prolonged exposure therapy.About a month ago,My psychiatrist asked me to journal my intrusive thoughts which was nothing more than extreme excruciating agony for me. Despite that , I...
  8. M

    Recovered From PTSD and Failure- Will I Matriculate?

    I'm a 22 year old pre-medical student. I've done quite a bit of volunteer work and plan to do more, and am currently a phlebotomist while pursuing a degree in the biological sciences. I'm also a certified life guard, so I've got quite a bit of work experience in that category as well. I've had...
  9. Hermione_Granger

    Critical mistakes on Step 2CS

    Guys, I'm not kidding. This isn't a situation where I forgot Fam Hx in a few cases. I made some next level, embarrassing, ridiculous mistakes that will haunt me for the next 3 months. I'm an IMG who got 240+ on Step 1, English is my native language, and I want to go into Psych. Haven't taken CK...
  10. J

    Marijuana and my health in medical school

    Hello, I am a new M1 and I am concerned about a situation that I am not sure I can present to my faculty or advisors. I have been struggling with depression, anxiety, PTSD (veteran here), and I take my meds regularly as prescribed for some time. However, I recently found out that I am eligible...
  11. P

    Finding a Job with Clinical Experience When you Have PTSD

    I am really needing some advice. To make a long story short and without going into much detail, I have PTSD after being raped and sexually assaulted for two years. Before this, I was well on my way to building up my medical school application. I had a 3.92 PGA. My AA degree. Multiple...
  12. T

    HPSP, PTSD and Tinnitus Rating %20

    Currently I'm set on dental school, even right now I haven't even began pre-dental requisites and schooling. I got out of the Marine Corps 2014. I applied for disabilities with the VA 2015 and received %20. %10 for PTSD and %10 for tinnitus. I have not received any health care for either while...