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  1. S

    Rad Onc compensation

    I don’t understand why most of rad Onc job available these days is offering 330k like deadass 330k saw multiple offers for the exact same number isn’t it suppose to be much higher ?! I talked with multiple people about jobs and they expected the decline to be in the next 5 years or so what is...
  2. M

    Radiation oncologist moving to the US

    Hello everyone, I have a question on behalf of my wife, who is a Venezuelan doctor currently in her 4th and final year of a radiotherapy "posgrado," or postgraduate specialization course. We live in Venezuela but will be moving to Texas in 2022. She graduated medical school in Venezuela in...
  3. M

    Position Wanted PGY2 Radiation Oncology July 2022

    Will complete a TY 2021-2022 including rad onc rotations and research. Seeking to enter as a PGY2 in July 2022. Please feel free to contact.
  4. puahate

    Are we reaching the downward slope in Medicine?

    Looking at posts about not matching and SOAP on here and reddit has me thinking, is medicine worth it? Schools growing, debt increasing, residency spots arent really opening to meet the growing amount of graduates. Look at what happened to RadOnc for example. Will medicine not be worth the...
  5. R

    SDN rad onc interview spreadsheet survey

    Hey everyone, This is for radiation oncology residents, attendings, and medical students applying for radiation oncology. My co-residents and I have developed a Google survey looking at how the SDN spreadsheets are used and how important they are in the decision making process for residency...
  6. F

    State of radiation oncology

    Hi all, I'm a soon-to-be second year medical student who is considering rad onc. However in real life and on this thread, I've been hearing doom and gloom about the specialty. I know it's been asked ad nauseam, but can someone shed some light on the future prospects of the field and also some...
  7. P

    Do radiation oncologists have more patient interactions than radiologists?

    Trying to understand both specialities more. I understand radiologists have very little patient contact, but is it the same for radiation oncologists?
  8. J

    Resources for Rad Onc 4th year electives

    I am new to this forum. I am a Medical student in Canada and thinking of going into Radiation Oncology. I would really appreciate if anyone can share the resources that would help me prep in teh best way for Rad Onc electives in my 4th year. Thanks a lot!
  9. F

    Do people update Rad Onc programs they applied to with new info ?

    I'm currently co-authoring a review paper with 2 attendings at my home institution about a novel immunotherapy for pediatric leukemia. Not quite related to Radiation Oncology, but I'm interested in immunotherapy as a cancer treatment and wanted to get involved in research or publication with it...
  10. DrDranzer

    Urology vs Rad onc. Your views please

    Hey guys. I wanted your opinion on deciding between these 2 awesome fields. Always wanted to do something surgical and cancer related (initially did research gearing my app towards surgical oncology). Discovered Urology in 3rd year. Loved it. A close family member is a big wig Rad Onc. Tells me...
  11. B

    JHU away consult service

    Hello, I am doing an away elective at Hopkins this summer and it looks like it's with the consult service. Has anyone done this away before and could comment on what to expect in terms of student role? Thanks in advance!
  12. F

    switching into IM residency after intern year

    How difficult would it be to switch from Rad Onc into the IM residency program at the institution where I do my intern year in medicine for Rad Onc? Ostensibly, this is easier than going from IM to Rad Onc, but I'm not sure how feasible it is regardless. How many PGY2 IM spots are available at...
  13. R

    rad onc assessment and away timing

    ms3 looking to go into rad onc...from past experience when is the latest an away rotation is worth doing?
  14. P

    Which medical school for someone interested in radiation oncology?

    The deadline for holding on to just one med school acceptance is coming near, and I'm still torn between Case Western and Colorado School of Medicine. Right now, my primary interest in specialty is radiation oncology. Although I'm keeping an open mind, I think there's a good chance that I will...
  15. A

    rad onc case reports

    Applied Radiation Oncology is accepting submissions for unique radiation oncology case reports. All submissions are reviewed by the ARO board and considered for publication. Submissions are also entered into the ARO quarterly Clinical Case Contest, and could be published as early as June 2016...