1. A

    Position Swap PGY2 Radiology in NJ (available now) swap for IM

    PGY2 radiology resident in NJ. Want to swap for a PGY2 position in IM.
  2. slowthai

    Is rads a no go if you're not fond of physics but you like everything else?

    By "everything else", I mean the day to day of radiology itself, anatomy, pathology, etc. For those that don't like physics but enjoy everything else, did you find it manageable or even enjoyable in the context of radiology?
  3. J

    Veterinary radiology specialty?

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone can provide input on diagnostic radiology in the veterinary world. Is it as isolated from the patient as it is in human medicine? In other words, do they almost exclusively interpret radiographs and simply instruct the primary care veterinarian on the diagnosis...
  4. B

    Under Represented Minorities in Radiology (including women)

    Despite how awesome radiology is, there is a definite disparity in diversity when compared to other medical specialties. Here is one of my favorite quotes on the subject of diversity in radiology by Dr. Lightfoote and colleagues ..." There is a disconnect between vocal support and quantifiable...
  5. D

    Radiology Salary Steady

    Hey all, I compiled some AMGA salary data for radiology and was able to get data all the way back about 10 years. The AMGA is one of the top two survey companies that obtain "the most accurate" salary info for hiring (the other being MGMA). Now, the caveats to this is that these are mean...
  6. T

    Nuc Fellowship after Rads

    Just wondering if any of you guys have any insight into a nuclear fellowship after radiology residency. I love the nucs part of rads, and just wanted to know why it seems so unpopular. It's never listed on the top 5 fellowships that radiology residents go into on the various program pages on...